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To our partners


    FIELD, the media outlet that tells the story of Mogic and its partners

    FIELD connecting e-learning, FIELD making solutions, FIELD
    From relationships with partners such as FIELD Connect with Edtech
    Mogic as it appears is presented in two parts: an interview and a column.

    Partner Achievements

    • Cases Nippon Office Equipment Co.

      Communication-based Classroom Support System
      Collaboration in planning and sales of "Pholly

    • Cases Ebily, Inc.

      Cloud e-learning system LearnO
      Proposals for educational consulting based on

    • Cases Brightcove, Inc.

      Cloud e-learning system LearnO
      Difficult video collaboration features in

    • Cases Hokuto-sha Co.

      Cloud e-learning system LearnO
      E-learning content production partnerships in collaboration

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