go out with one's partner

We have been, and will continue to be
both domestically and internationally.
The added value created by IT education
We will expand it to the maximum extent possible.

To our partners.


    FIELD, the media that talks about Mogic and our partners

    FIELD, which connects e-learning, FIELD, which creates solutions
    From our relationships with our partners, such as FIELD, which is connected by edtech.
    This is a two-part series of interviews and columns on Mogic.

    Partner Achievements

    • case Japan Office Equipment Co.

      Communication-based class support system
      Collaboration in planning and sales of "Pholly

    • case Ebiri Corporation

      Cloud e-learning system "LearnO
      Proposal of educational consulting based on

    • case Brightcove, Inc.

      Cloud e-learning system "LearnO
      Realization of Highly Difficult Video Linkage Function in

    • case Hokutosha Corporation

      Cloud e-learning system "LearnO
      Partnerships for e-learning content production in

    • case Mittemo Corporation

      Selling the company's e-learning content and e-learning system LearnO as a package.

    • case Katenoid Corporation

      e-Learning System "LearnO" and Video Delivery System "Kollus" Collaborate

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