Working at Mogic

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Working Environment at Mogic

At Mogic, we place a high priority on training.
Because we aim to create sustainable services through teamwork.
As part of our company culture, we take the time to train our employees in basic skills.

Post-employment training

  • The path from rookie to professional

    New hires with no social experience can continue their own training to become professionals if they are a good fit with the company; mid-career hires with no IT experience will be trained sequentially as well.

  • Learn from one-on-one discussions

    Even as a student intern, you will have one-on-one discussions with the executive officers and chief executives. It takes about an hour every week, and through the dialogue, you can learn how to see things in a way that you cannot learn from books or the experiences of your peers.

  • Teach me something useful in life.

    We don't share much that is useful only when you belong to a company called Mogic. Rather, I share things that will be useful for people in the medium to long term as they live in capitalism.

Diverse ways of working

  • If you're a student.
    Change workdays to accommodate tests

    In Mogic, you can freely change your working days and hours by applying in advance.

  • If you want to raise kids.
    Change work days to accommodate events and illnesses.

    When you are raising a child, it can be difficult to come to work due to school events or sudden fevers. Even in such cases, you can change your work day or time to cover it with teamwork.

  • Whether you're young or old.
    You can work with the right people at the right time.

    Whether you are a high school student or over 60 years old, you can still work for an IT company, and you can join our team regardless of your age as long as you match what Mogic is looking for at the time.

Basic rules for workers

  • "Be on time" and "keep your word."
    I'll be frank.

    We are a company that places importance on teamwork. To avoid bottlenecks caused by one person holding up a task, we ask our employees to follow three basic rules: be on time, keep promises, and be frank. We ensure that the basics are followed in order to work comfortably.

  • We will all grow together.

    We also value the fact that we all grow together. We have a department that specializes in in-house training, and we implement curriculums that are tailored to each individual's needs and improve them with feedback.

  • Do it without overtime or working on holidays.

    In principle, overtime work and working on holidays are prohibited. However, if it is unavoidably difficult, you can explain why you could not do it during business hours, and the content itself is not questioned.

Interview with a Worker

Komado " is a media to look inside Mogic.
This is a column where you can see the atmosphere of the people working at Mogic, including interns. Please take a look.

Available Positions

  • Engineering Division
    • engineer

      This position involves system development for web services, using PHP and MySQL, as well as extensive development in ObjectiveC and Java for application development.

    • Front End Engineer

      This position is responsible for the design and implementation of UI direction and front-end architecture.

  • Business Development Division
    • Business Producer

      You will be responsible for proposing and selling our own branded services (e-learning system "LearnO" and cloud-based class support system "Pholly"). You will also be able to release new services that the world needs.

    • inside sales

      Performs clerical work in the office, mainly related to sales. This includes data entry in Excel, answering the phone, creating documents, and mailing work.

    • Service Promotion

      Explaining our services to customers at online seminars and narrating in video recordings.

  • Art Direction Division
    • Designer

      This position is responsible for the design and coding of websites and applications. They handle a wide range of knowledge from concept design, UI/UX design to CSS design. They are also involved in the company's branding, including internal displays and promotional materials, not just digital.

    • Public Relations Support

      The main focus is on administrative work, mainly supporting work related to public relations and recruitment. You will also take photos, write text, and help create content for social networking sites and our own web media.

    • Public Relations Intern

      You will be asked to create and send out articles about various things within the company according to the audience you want to reach.

  • Market Direction Division
    • Marketing / Director

      This is a position that acts as a bridge between sales, designers, engineers, and customers involved in the service, and ensures the smooth progress of the project. In addition to service operation, I am in charge of a wide range of tasks such as market research, service analysis, improvement proposals, and marketing operations.

    • Marketing Support

      Administrative work, mainly to support the work of the Market Direction team.

  • Back Office Department
    • back office

      Performs office clerical work, focusing on tasks related to general affairs, accounting, human resources, and public relations. This includes data entry in Excel, answering the phone, preparing documents, and mailing work.