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Working Environment at Mogic

At Mogic, we place great emphasis on training.
This is because we aim to create sustainable service through teamwork,
As part of our company culture, we take the time to train our employees in basic skills.

Post-employment training

  • From Newcomer to Professional

    New hires with no social experience can continue their own training to become professionals if they are a good fit with the company; mid-career hires with no IT experience are trained in the same sequential manner.

  • Learn from one-on-one discussions

    Even student interns have one-on-one discussions with the executive director and chief of staff. This is approximately one hour each week, and through dialogue, students can learn perspectives on things that cannot be learned from books or the experiences of their peers.

  • Teach you something useful for life.

    We do not share much that is useful only when you belong to a company called Mogic. Rather, we share what is useful in the medium to long term for a person as he or she lives through capitalism.

Diverse work styles

  • If you are a student
    Change workdays to accommodate testing

    The biggest problem for students is not being able to change their internship workdays and neglecting their studies; Mogic allows students to freely change their workdays and hours with prior application.

  • If you're raising a child.
    Change workdays to accommodate events or illness

    When raising children, school events and sudden fevers can make it difficult to come to work. In such cases, we can change the day or time to come to work to cover for them through teamwork.

  • Value your personal values.
    Improved work environment

    From April 2022, we have introduced a flex system for regular employees. This system allows employees to freely set their working hours, enabling them to enrich their work and private lives more than ever before.

Basic Rules for Workers

  • They are punctual and keep their promises."
    I'll be frank."

    We are a company that values teamwork. To avoid bottlenecks caused by any one person holding up the work, we ask our employees to follow three basic rules: be on time, keep your word, and be frank. We enforce the basics to ensure a comfortable work environment.

  • We all grow together.

    We also value the importance of growing together. We have a department that specializes in in-house training, and we implement a curriculum tailored to each individual, receiving feedback and making improvements.

  • Do not work overtime or on holidays.

    In principle, overtime and working on holidays are prohibited. However, if it is difficult to do so, it is sufficient to explain why it could not be done during business hours, and the content of the explanation itself is not questioned.

Working People Interview

KOMADO " is a media that peeks inside Mogic.
This is a column that shows the atmosphere of people working at Mogic, including intern students. Please take a look.

Open Positions

  • Consulting & Solutions Division
    • IT Education Consultant

      You will make a wide range of proposals related to our own branded services, e-learning system "LearnO" and cloud-based class support system "Pholly").

    • inside sales

      Performs clerical work in the office, primarily in response to customer inquiries. (This includes data entry in Excel, answering phones, preparing documents, and mailing work)

  • Innovation & Produce Division
    • producer

      You will be responsible for launching your own branded services from scratch and organizing highly challenging requests from clients. In addition, we will also engage in strategic business alliances with external partner companies.

    • Producer Support

      You will assist in compiling profit and loss statements for each project and managing progress. You will also assist with market research and business ideas for new projects.

  • Market Direction Division
    • Marketing/Director

      This position serves as a bridge between consultants, designers, engineers, and customers, and ensures smooth progress of projects. In addition to service operation, they are responsible for a wide range of tasks such as market research, service analysis, improvement proposals, and marketing work.

    • Marketing Support

      Performs clerical work with a focus on providing operational support to the Market Direction team.

  • Art Direction Division
    • designer

      This position is responsible for the design and coding of sites and applications. It deals with a wide range of knowledge from concept design, UI/UX design to CSS design. In addition, this position is not limited to digital design, but is also involved in the company's branding, including internal displays and promotional materials.

    • Public Relations Support

      You will assist with tasks related to public relations and recruitment. You will also assist in taking photos, writing, and creating content for social networking sites and the company's web media.

    • Public Relations Intern

      You will create and disseminate articles on a variety of internal items according to the audience to which you wish to deliver them.

  • Engineering Division
    • engineer

      This position involves system development for web services, using PHP and MySQL, as well as extensive development in ObjectiveC and Java for application development.

  • Back Office Division
    • back office

      Performs clerical work in the office, primarily tasks related to general affairs, accounting, and human resources. This includes data entry in Excel, answering phones, preparing documents, and mailing work.

  • Basic Education Division
    • accompaniment

      Assign a training curriculum to ensure that all newly hired employees (full time, part time, and interns) are able to quickly acclimate and become active. We will conduct internal interviews to identify areas of growth and create a new curriculum.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of questions I have been asked when I have interviewed and since joining the company.
Q Please tell me more about salary increases and bonuses for full-time employees.

Salary increases for full-time employees are given once a year and bonuses are paid twice a year. In the past, all employees have received raises in all 15 years since the company was established, and bonuses have been paid as well. As an organization that emphasizes teamwork, there are no significant salary increases for any particular individual. The level of responsibility is determined by the job authority rules, and position and other allowances are weighted accordingly.

Q How are full-time employees evaluated?

Evaluations of all full-time employees are made by all directors/executive officers/chiefs in September, the month of the fiscal year end, for all employees. Since there are no numerical targets for the company as a whole, evaluations are not based on numerical values, but rather a final decision is made based on a series of detailed opinions. All opinions expressed at the meeting are fed back to each employee in paper form.

Q What are the benefits and social insurance like for full-time employees?

Benefits for full-time employees are designed with an emphasis on longevity. All employees are covered by a special endowment insurance policy while building up a monthly retirement fund. There is a housing allowance for those who live within 3 km of the office, as well as commuting and position allowances. In addition, employees are covered by an employee pension plan and receive regular health checkups (optional) through membership in the Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Association. If there are drinking parties, to date all have been paid for by the company.

Q How many new full-time employees do you hire each year? What is the turnover rate?

We have had several new graduates/new graduates/mid-career for 3 out of the past 5 years. We cannot give you a prediction as we decide which departments to apply for based on the balance of the organization. Please check our announcements and social media from time to time. In addition, our turnover rate is much lower than the generally accepted average in terms of full-time employees (30% of new graduates leave after 3 years, while the general public leaves 15% a year).

Q What are the key points that are emphasized in mid-career hiring?

For mid-career hires, the professional experience required varies by department. For engineers and designers, we always check the languages and software they can use and their past accomplishments as a base. We then check to see if they fit Mogic's corporate culture and if they are compatible with the team members they will be working with. We do not necessarily hire people with high skills. We also check the potential of directors, producers, and other business professionals in addition to their basic business experience.

Q What are the key points that are emphasized in hiring interns?

For intern employment, we do not require any previous work experience. However, we do ask how much you have learned about the position you are applying for. In the IT industry, new technologies are constantly being developed, and we believe that if you are just looking for someone to teach you, you will likely stop growing someday in the future. Therefore, we would like to hear about the process of what and how you thought about it in your own head.

Q Recruitment】Is it possible to enter the company as a new graduate from an internship student?

Almost all of our new graduate hires to date have come from interns. Because our culture emphasizes teamwork, we believe that it is better for both parties if we take the time to understand each other. If you are interested in pursuing a full-time position after starting as an intern, please let your supervisor know as soon as possible. The final decision on whether or not you are hired is a separate issue, but we can proceed in a sincere manner.

Q What are the key points that are emphasized in part-time employment?

No previous work experience is required for part-time employment. We have hired many people with no previous IT industry experience. Basically, you will have no problem with the skills required to use a computer or smartphone to shop and submit articles. When it comes to hiring, we are looking to see if you can fit in with your team and bring a new style to the company.

Q Please tell us about the hiring process.

Regardless of whether you are a full-time/intern/part-time employee, you will be screened and interviewed at least once. For full-time employees, application screening, first interview (sometimes online), and second interview (in-person interview at the office). For interns, application screening, first interview (online). For part-time positions, application screening and first interview (in-person interview at our office) will determine acceptance or rejection. You will be contacted within one week of the last interview. Interns and part-time employees are interviewed at the same level as full-time employees.

Q What is the ratio of applicants for employment?

The number of interviews varies depending on the type of job and type of employment, ranging from 1 successful candidate out of 5 interviews to 1 successful candidate out of 100 interviews. The hiring process does not have a set time frame for hiring, but rather a hiring process that continues until the desired candidate is found.

Q What will happen to my resume and CV that I submitted during the screening process?

Resumes and other documents uploaded to Mogic's proprietary recruiting system are restricted to HR and interviewers only. Please be assured that all files will be automatically deleted once the interview is over.

Q Is remote work possible?

Because of our emphasis on teamwork, we do not work remotely for any position. We prefer candidates who can commute to our office in Shakujii, Nerima-ku, Tokyo. However, we do have the facilities and environment to work remotely at any time under emergency situations.

Q Do you have any outsourcing or temporary jobs?

Since we are developing our own cloud services on a large scale, we do not request any outsourcing or temporary staffing for security reasons. All work is handled solely by employees working in the office.

Q Do you have overtime work?

Full-time employees are paid 20 hours of overtime for discretionary work, but they are paid even if they do not work overtime at all. Except in emergency situations, such as a breakdown, there is almost no need to work overtime; even one minute of overtime will be checked immediately by the attendance system, which will send an automated email to the position holder the following morning. Similarly, interns and part-timers are rarely required to work overtime.

Q Do you work on weekends or late at night because of the system operation?

As a rule, we do not work on weekends or late at night. Only when there is a system failure, we may respond to it using the emergency contact network with the members of the relevant team, but this happens only once a year or so. In addition, if we have to work on a holiday once or twice a year at the request of a client, we recommend that the client take a compensatory day off within two weeks.

Q Is there a manual for the work?

Unfortunately, no document exists as a manual to improve your work well. Instead, a work flow diagram has been designed so that you understand which process you are working in and for what purpose, and get on with your work. If you have any doubts at all, please ask around. No one will blame you for not being able to do your job right from the start.

Q Is it possible to take a sudden leave of absence for all employees/part-time workers/interns?

If you are going to be absent, you will post the details in the attendance channel of our internal chat system. The supervisor will look at it and reply, but so far, all requests have been approved as is. In the same way, if you need to take a day off for urgent business, you can simply post the details using a predetermined form and take a day off without having to wait for approval.

Q Attendance】If I take a sudden day off, won't it inconvenience other members of the company?

All project schedules are not tight, but are spacious. Therefore, a small amount of time off will have little impact. Even if there is a series of absences, the information is shared with the entire team, so that supervisors, colleagues, and other team members can follow up on the overall situation.

Q Can I change my workday from week to week as a part-time/intern?

As a general rule, you decide which day of the week you want to work, but you can change your work day only for certain weeks due to family events or schoolwork. You can post your desired day on the attendance channel as well, and your supervisor will confirm it with you. Of course, you cannot change the day of the week without permission.

Q How is the flex system used?

The flex system is used only for full-time employees. In the first place, interns and part-time employees can decide their own work days and hours, so it is not necessary. The core hours of the flex system are from 10:00 to 16:00, so they come in and leave the office at the end of that time, staggering back and forth between the two hours. The most common pattern is to arrive at work after 8:00 a.m. and leave at 5:00 p.m., or to arrive at 10:00 a.m. and leave at 7:00 p.m. In either case, most offices are staffed after 7:00 p.m. In any case, almost no one is working in the office after 7:00 p.m.

Q What is the atmosphere like when you are educated and instructed?

You will not hear scolding in the office. If there is a failure or mistake, we identify the scope and severity of the impact and take action to prevent recurrence on a team-by-team basis. In the case of intentional failures or carelessness, individual meetings are held to discuss the factors that led to the failure.

Q What kind of clothes should I wear to work?

Casual attire is fine. Think of it as what you would normally wear walking around town on your day off. If you are concerned, please check the photos on the interview site KOMAODO:

Q Please tell me the age and gender of the people who work for you.

We have people of all ages working here, from college students around 20 years old to people in their 50s. The majority of our employees are female, at nearly 70%. The percentage of employees raising children is the highest.

Q Is the computer you use Mac or Windows?

It varies by department, but engineers and designers who create services tend to use Macs, while business people tend to use Windows. Part-time employees use Windows. Both Mac/Windows computers can be chosen as there is a backup machine.

Q Why do I get free drinks and snacks at work?

It takes time and money to buy drinks and snacks. To make your stay at work as comfortable as possible, the company will provide those items. If you bring your own lunch box for lunch, you can spend the whole day without spending any money.