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Working Environment at Mogic

At Mogic, we place great emphasis on training.
This is because we aim to create sustainable service through teamwork,
As part of our company culture, we take the time to train our employees in basic skills.

Post-employment training

  • From Newcomer to Professional

    New hires with no social experience can continue their own training to become professionals if they are a good fit with the company; mid-career hires with no IT experience are trained in the same sequential manner.

  • Learn from one-on-one discussions

    Even student interns have one-on-one discussions with the executive director and chief of staff. This is approximately one hour each week, and through dialogue, students can learn perspectives on things that cannot be learned from books or the experiences of their peers.

  • Teach you something useful for life.

    We do not share much that is useful only when you belong to a company called Mogic. Rather, we share what is useful in the medium to long term for a person as he or she lives through capitalism.

Diverse ways of working

  • If you are a student
    Change workdays to accommodate testing

    The biggest problem for students is not being able to change their internship workdays and neglecting their studies; Mogic allows students to freely change their workdays and hours with prior application.

  • If you're raising a child.
    Change workdays to accommodate events or illness

    When raising children, school events and sudden fevers can make it difficult to come to work. In such cases, we can change the day or time to come to work to cover for them through teamwork.

  • Value your personal values.
    Improved work environment

    From April 2022, we have introduced a flex system for regular employees. This system allows employees to freely set their working hours, enabling them to fulfill their work and private lives more than ever before.

Basic Rules for Workers

  • They are punctual and keep their promises."
    I'll be frank."

    We are a company that values teamwork. To avoid bottlenecks caused by any one person holding up the work, we ask our employees to follow three basic rules: be on time, keep your word, and be frank. We enforce the basics to ensure a comfortable work environment.

  • We all grow together.

    We also value the importance of growing together. We have a department that specializes in in-house training, and we implement a curriculum tailored to each individual, receiving feedback and making improvements.

  • Do not work overtime or on holidays.

    In principle, overtime and working on holidays are prohibited. However, if it is difficult to do so, it is sufficient to explain why it could not be done during business hours, and the content of the explanation itself is not questioned.

Working People Interview

KOMADO " is a media that peeks inside Mogic.
This is a column that shows the atmosphere of people working at Mogic, including intern students. Please take a look.

Open Positions

  • Consulting & Solutions Division
    • IT Education Consultant

      You will make a wide range of proposals related to our own branded services, e-learning system "LearnO" and cloud-based class support system "Pholly").

    • inside sales

      Performs clerical work in the office, primarily in response to customer inquiries. (This includes data entry in Excel, answering phones, preparing documents, and mailing work)

    • Service Promotion

      You will explain the company's services to clients at online seminars and narrate the video recording.

  • Innovation & Produce Division
    • producer

      You will be responsible for launching your own branded services from scratch and organizing highly challenging requests from clients. In addition, we will also conduct strategic business alliances with external partner companies.

    • Producer Support

      You will assist in compiling profit and loss statements for each project and managing progress. You will also assist with market research and business ideas for new projects.

  • Art Direction Division
    • designer

      This position is responsible for the design and coding of sites and applications. It deals with a wide range of knowledge from concept design, UI/UX design to CSS design. In addition, this position is not limited to digital design, but is also involved in the company's branding, including internal displays and promotional materials.

    • Public Relations Support

      You will assist with tasks related to public relations and recruitment. You will also assist in taking photos, writing, and creating content for social networking sites and the company's web media.

    • Public Relations Intern

      You will create and disseminate articles on a variety of internal items according to the audience to which you wish to deliver them.

  • Market Direction Division
    • Marketing/Director

      This position serves as a bridge between consultants, designers, engineers, and customers, and ensures smooth progress of projects. In addition to service operation, they are responsible for a wide range of tasks such as market research, service analysis, improvement proposals, and marketing work.

    • Marketing Support

      Performs clerical work with a focus on providing operational support to the Market Direction team.

  • Engineering Division
    • engineer

      This position involves system development for web services, using PHP and MySQL, as well as extensive development in ObjectiveC and Java for application development.

  • Back Office Division
    • back office

      Performs clerical work in the office, primarily tasks related to general affairs, accounting, and human resources. This includes data entry in Excel, answering phones, preparing documents, and mailing work.

  • Content & Media Division
    • Media Editor

      The work includes launching and organizing our own media, education and entertainment content production and quality control. This includes video editing, 3D animation production, writing, and photography.

  • Corporate Planning Division
    • corporate planner

      Establishes and manages subsidiaries, forms business alliances with external parties, and formulates and confirms implementation plans based on business strategies. Management figures are compiled, and reports and adjustments are made to various departments.

  • Basic Education Division
    • accompaniment

      Assign a training curriculum to ensure that all newly hired employees (full time, part time, and interns) are able to quickly acclimate and become active. We will conduct internal interviews to identify areas of growth and create a new curriculum.