Work with your partner

It has been and will continue to be,
Together with our partners
we will continue to maximize the value-added
we will continue to maximize the added value that comes from IT education.

On our mutual strengths

Beginning with the sales agency/OEM development of the "LearnO" e-learning system developed by the company,
We have deepened our partnerships by leveraging the IT education know-how we have cultivated over the years.

Dozens of partnerships

  • case Nippon Office Instruments Co.

    Collaboration in Planning and Sales of "Pholly," an Online Classroom Support System
    Collaboration in planning and sales of "Pholly

  • case Vexon International K.K.

    Collaboration in the development of an online educational platform specializing in medical and nursing

  • case Brightcove Corporation

    Cloud e-Learning System "LearnO
    Realization of Highly Difficult Video Linkage Functions with

  • case Hokutosha Corporation

    Cloud e-Learning System "LearnO
    Partnership for e-learning content production with the cloud e-learning system "LearnO

  • case Catenoid Corporation

    Cloud e-Learning System "LearnO" and Video Delivery System Kollus Collaborate

  • case Dear dec boc Inc.

    Cloud e-Learning System "LearnO
    Partnership collaboration for slide and video material production support


Mogic pledges to focus on the following items in order to build new partnerships by promoting collaboration, coexistence and co-prosperity with supply chain partners and value-creating businesses.

1. Coexistence and co-prosperity throughout the supply chain and new alliances that transcend size, affiliations, etc.
a. Inter-company collaboration (open innovation)
b. Support for IT implementation (advice and support for cyber security measures)
c. Green initiatives (green procurement)
d. Initiatives related to health management (provision of know-how related to health management)
2. Compliance with "Promotion Standards
(1) Method of price determination
(2) Terms of payment, such as payment in bills
(3) Intellectual property and know-how
(4) Wrinkles caused by Direction of work reform, etc.

See the detailed declarations here.

Partnership agreements are
We are flexible,
Please feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section summarizes questions that we have received from outside the company through meetings and inquiries.
Q What are the benefits of working with Mogic?

Our experience in operating large scale IT services allows us to focus on our area of expertise. Our expertise in expanding online sales channels allows us to successfully expand our joint products. Also, with 15 years of experience in educational IT services, we can provide a wide range of services from early childhood education to compulsory education, universities, and in-house training.

Q What is the difference between an eLearning system LearnO distributor and an OEM?

distributors ( can sell e-learning systems with their own content under the LearnO brand, while OEMs ( can further customize the system. In addition to your own domain name, you can also apply your own design.

Q I am participating in a government bidding process. May I propose as a sales agent?

After signing a distributorship agreement, you are free to make proposals. e-Learning system LearnO and class support system Pholly both have distributorship agreements, so please contact us if you would like to apply.

Q I have a large amount of digital educational materials; can you sell them under the LearnO brand?

Basically LearnO only sells systems, so we can combine content from outside partners and offer it to our clients. We tend to require as much lineup as possible and basic titles (e.g. security training). You can actually try out what you can publish on LearnO from the trial management screen.

Q Consulting firm. Can you help me with a proposal in the educational IT field?

We have consultants on staff who are skilled in implementing educational services onsite and can help. We can provide not only the system part, but also conduct pre-introduction briefings and provide the necessary knowledge to the administrators.

Q I am a publisher of professional books. Can you help us offer our services online?

Professional books already have a large readership. Therefore, we need to provide value that only IT can offer, while appropriately providing educational materials while managing membership as a community. We have examples from the past, so please let us discuss together the best way to do this while utilizing our knowledge.

Q I am giving a seminar, can I use e-learning for a national rollout?

Seminars inevitably have physical and time limitations for participants, and some may not be able to attend. To follow up on this point, I think it makes sense to offer this service in combination with e-learning, which is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Please ask us about examples of OEM offerings.

Q We are a video production company, can you sell us the e-learning system LearnO together?

LearnO is a system of education called LMS and does not have video production capabilities. Therefore, we will give priority to introducing video production as it is sometimes requested by our clients.

Q Can I use single sign-on or other login-based integration?

The LearnO and Polly educational systems require a login. Therefore, we receive many requests to use the same account used elsewhere. Therefore, we can provide a highly convenient login integration.