Work with your partner

It has been and will continue to be,
both domestically and internationally,
We will continue to maximize the value-added
We will continue to maximize the value-added that comes from IT education

Mogic's business partnerships are

Beginning with the sales agency/OEM development of our own e-learning system "LearnO,
We have been promoting partnerships by leveraging our long-cultivated know-how in IT education.

Dozens of partners

  • case Nippon Office Instruments Co.

    Collaboration in Planning and Sales of "Pholly," an Online Classroom Support System
    Collaboration in planning and sales of "Pholly

  • case Vexon International K.K.

    Collaboration in the development of an online education platform specialized in medical and nursing

  • case Ebiri Corporation

    Cloud e-learning system "LearnO
    Proposal of educational consulting centered on

  • case Brightcove Corporation

    Cloud e-Learning System "LearnO
    Realization of Highly Difficult Video Linkage Functions with

  • case Hokutosha Corporation

    Cloud e-Learning System "LearnO
    Partnership for e-learning content production with the cloud e-learning system "LearnO

  • case Catenoid Corporation

    Cloud e-Learning System "LearnO" and Video Delivery System Kollus Collaborate

  • case Dear dec boc Inc.

    Cloud e-Learning System "LearnO
    Partnership collaboration for slide and video material production support

IT Education Business

Partnership agreements are
We are flexible,
Please feel free to contact us.

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This is a web media that introduces the hidden behind-the-scenes of LearnO's development/operation, the commitment and thoughts of its creators, and useful usage methods.