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Sharing Wisdom,
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Directors involved in management

We have been inspecting our company's operations one by one by ourselves, without being bound by the common sense of "this is how a company is supposed to be. We have built up over the years a stance of sharing with our partners and being close to our clients, not to mention making life easier for those who work for us. We have been providing information about our company from various angles, so if you are interested, please take the time to look at this page.
  • Yoichi Yamane, President and Representative Director

    He founded Mogic K.K. and has developed subscription SaaS (e-learning services and others) in Japan and around the world. Prior to that, he launched and led a video service with over 10 million monthly users at Yahoo! He has produced more than 200 services and systems for both BtoC and BtoB.

  • Director/Chief Technology Officer
    Shodo Fujii

    He participated in Java2 language development at a major Japanese electronics manufacturer and later became the youngest department manager in his early 20s. Later, he researched databases at the U.S. Space Development Agency, where his achievements were highly evaluated and he was in charge of basic database design for the U.S. Baseball Organization, etc. After returning to Japan, he has been involved in the development of train displays, etc. After returning to Japan, he has been involved in the development of train displays. His most specialized field is scale-out database design on the server side.

Information related to the company

In addition to directors in accordance with the Companies Act, we emphasize decision-making close to the field by introducing an executive officer system. As our core business, we provide Internet-based educational services, but we are also concurrently engaged in service planning and development utilizing cutting-edge technology.
Company Name Mogic Corporation (Mogic Kabushiki Kaisha)
vision Share wisdom and achieve magic.
stance Growing together and focusing on teamwork
representative director (i.e. someone chosen by the board of directors from among the directors to actually represent the company) Yoichi Yamane Long interview with the representativecolumn (e.g. in newspaper)
Director/Chief Technology Officer Shodo Fujii
Executive Officer
  • Motokichiro Seo (Business Executive Officer)
  • Takashi Kato (Service Executive Officer)
Year Established December 16, 2009
capital stock 20,000,000 yen
Shareholder Composition 100% owned by directors involved in management
Number of Employees 30 *As of April 2024Interviews with Workers
Office 3-3-31 Shakujii-cho, Nerima-ku, Tokyo
Monodecor Shakujii-Koen 1F-4F Vicinity Map
Office Hours
  • Weekdays 10:00-17:00
  • *Not open on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, GW, year-end and New Year holidays, and Bon vacation period
  • E-learning system LearnOCase Studies
  • Class Support System PhollyCase Studies
  • Many others in consulting/service planning and development
corporate identification number 4011601015547
Qualified Invoicing
Business Registration Number
Privacy Mark Registration Number 17001497 (acquired: 2013)
Japan Association of Information System Users (JUAS)
ISMS Registration Certification Number
ISO/IEC 27001:2013
JQA-IM1922 (Acquisition: 2022)
Registration Organization: Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA)
Scope of registration: Development and maintenance of software
cyber insurance program joined
Business Continuity Enhancement Plan approved
Trademark registration number No. 5515120/6661962 Mogic
No. 5515119 Learno
No. 5929440 Polly

Operational Structure of the Organization

Committees are set up across the board for departments to enhance their professional skills. The committees are elected once a year by the employees and identify issues that need to be addressed from a company-wide perspective. The issues that emerge from the divisions and committees are discussed at the Executive Officers' Meeting, which is attended by the executive officers and chief executive officers. In some cases, outside experts' opinions are sought to provide a multifaceted viewpoint.

The company's past

This section summarizes events that have occurred since the company was established. Please note that services and subsidiaries that were shut down in the past are omitted due to space limitations. To view all releases, please click the button below.

PR Times Press Release List List of Mogic Site Announcements

December 2009 Representative Yamane establishes Mogic Co.
January 2010 Began offering consulting services for Internet services.
March 2010 Fujii joins as Director/Chief Technology Officer
April 2010 Began offering custom-made planning and development of Internet services.
September 2011 First office opened in Shakujii, Nerima-ku, Tokyo
March 2012 Launches e-learning system LearnO as a service. Available for 98,000 yen/monthrelease
March 2012 Introduced an intern system and began long-term training.
October 2012 Launched Qure, a news site introducing IT education around the world (closed).release
March 2013 Acquired Privacy Mark certification
July 2013 Launched MarQ, a news site introducing BtoB marketing around the world (closed).release
September 2013 E-learning system LearnO users exceed 50,000 per monthrelease
December 2013 Launched the sales agency system for the LearnO e-learning system.release
April 2014 E-learning system LearnO available from 29,800 yen/monthrelease
November 2014 Started providing a prototype of the class support system, Pholly.
December 2014 Joined Kanto IT Software Health Association
January 2015 Management and cross-functional meetings started for full-scale organization.
March 2015 Launched the service of the class support system, Pholly.
May 2015 E-learning system LearnO users exceed 100,000 per monthrelease
October 2015 Expanded office space to include 5 floors in the building, including the basement floor, to accommodate business expansion.
July 2016 Classroom support system "Pholly" is completely renewed and officially launched via distributors.release
October 2016 E-learning system LearnO users exceed 150,000 per monthrelease
July 2017 E-learning system LearnO available from 9,800 yen/monthrelease
July 2017 Launched LearnO Limited, a free EdTech service.release
July 2018 Full-scale development of OEM brand system for LearnO e-learning systemrelease
August 2018 E-learning system LearnO users exceed 200,000 per monthNotice
October 2019 Introduced Executive Officer System and appointed Seo as Business Executive Officer and Kato as Service Executive Officer.
December 2019 Mogic celebrates its 10th anniversary with a party
May 2020 Company-wide shift to a remote work system with the Corona disaster (later lifted after 3 months).
December 2020 E-learning system LearnO reaches 700 companies and 350,000 monthly users. From 4,900 yen/monthrelease
March 2021 E-learning system LearnO begins rebranding to celebrate its 10th anniversary.release
April 2022 Started offering the class support system, Pholly, at the lowest price range in the industry.release
April 2022 Introduced a flex system
September 2022 Obtained ISMS certification, an international standard for information securityrelease
November 2022 E-Learning System LearnO Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Administration Rebrandingrelease
January 2023 Launched Caiwani, an educational communication service.
October 2023 E-learning system LearnO installed at 3,800 companies, reaching 600,000 monthly users.release
December 2023 Developed Mogic's 15th anniversary projectrelease

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