• 2012.08.10
    business partnership

    We have signed a distributor agreement with iCARE Corporation for LearnO.

    (mental health management system) and Mogic Corporation have signed a distributorship agreement for LearnO, a next-generation e-learning system developed and marketed by Mogic, with the aim of strengthening sales of educational support systems in the education and medical fields.

    iCARE, with its broad network in the medical and healthcare fields, and Mogic, with its system development capabilities, will combine to provide comprehensive educational support solution services to the medical and healthcare industries.

    iCARE Corporation:

  • 2012.06.24
    business partnership

    Signed a distributorship agreement with an e-learning production company for LearnO.

    Ltd. and ElephanCube Corporation (in alphabetical order) for the purpose of strengthening sales of educational support systems in fields such as education, we have concluded a distributorship agreement for the next-generation e-learning system "LearnO".

    i-Foster Corporation
    (Business: Planning, filming and editing of "video contents" mainly for e-learning materials)

    Elephant Cube Corporation
    (A production company of e-learning material contents. (An e-learning content production company with an annual track record of over 200 e-learning content productions)