• 2019.02.01
    Recruitment Information

    Recruiting and training lessons are now available (applications are due).

    In celebration of Mogic's 10th anniversary, we are now accepting applications for the second round of recruitment and development lessons (limited to 3 students), following the first round of entrepreneurship lessons. Please see FB for more details.

  • 2019.01.29
    Recruitment Information

    In mid-February, we will open the new graduate entry site for 2020 graduates.

    Mogic will open the entry site for 2020 new graduates in mid-February, and we will announce it on Facebook.

  • 2019.01.18
    Recruitment Information
    New Year's 1-Day Internship Recruitment Announcement (Applications are due)

    Mogic will hold a "New Year's 1-Day Internship + Half-Day Workshop" as part of its 10th anniversary project!
    as part of our 10th anniversary project! Click here for details

  • 2018.11.21
    Recruitment Information
    We are now accepting applications for part-time administrative positions.

    At Mogic, we're finally hiring for an office position!

    We especially welcome those who are raising children in the Shakujii Park area.
    It's an environment where it's easy to balance work and childcare, so people who are raising children in nursery school, elementary school, and junior high school are also working hard. Why don't you come and work with us in our stylish office while enjoying free drinks and snacks (at the risk of eating too much)? Click here for details

  • 2018.09.20
    Recruitment Information
    Active Recruitment Campaign for Fall Interns! Sales positions, planner positions, etc.

    Mogic is recruiting for "Sales" and "Planner" positions as the third phase of our active recruitment campaign. Click here for details

  • 2018.05.09
    Recruitment Information
    Company Information Session for New Graduates in 2019

    We will also hold a company information session for students who will graduate in 2019.
    On the day of the event, we will have a company information session for students who are planning to graduate in 2019 with our representative, Yamane, who will explain the details of our business and recruitment requirements.
    We also plan to have a discussion.

    In addition, if you have attended the briefing and wish to take the first exam
    We will be accepting applications, so please bring your resume on the day. Click here for details

  • 2018.03.10
    Recruitment Information
    Active Recruitment Campaign for Spring Interns

    We have started the "Active Recruitment Campaign for Spring Interns" for a variety of positions, especially for engineers and web designers!

    I want to acquire cutting-edge skills as an engineer or web designer! If you want to learn the latest skills as an engineer or web designer, don't just study on your own. You've hit a wall in your studies and want to get over it! This is your chance! Click here for details.

  • 2017.08.28
    Recruitment Information

    We are looking for a web producer assistant who wants to create a web business.

    Project planning, proposal, project management, and development direction are all part of the job. You will be able to learn how to lead a new project from proposal to project completion.
    Please apply here:

  • 2017.08.10
    Recruitment Information

    Mogic is looking for a student intern for one week.

    Mogic is looking for student interns for one week during the summer vacation. The positions are Web Designer and Web Producer Apprentice. If you are interested, please visit our facebook page.

  • 2017.02.06
    Recruitment Information
    Let's start with Spring Break! We are actively recruiting engineering interns!

    I want to be a professional engineer! We are looking for highly motivated people who want to become professional engineers! We have many students who start from spring break every year, so please apply if you are interested. For more information, click here.