• 2012.07.20

    Thank you for your visit at the International Modern Hospital Show 2012!

    GEMITS, a project to build an emergency medical system support system in Gifu Prefecture, gave us a demonstration of their cloud viewer and customized LearnO for medical care at their booth. We are grateful for the opportunity to exchange ideas with so many people. We look forward to hearing your frank opinions on how we can continue to improve our services.

  • 2012.07.01

    We will exhibit at the International Modern Hospital Show 2012!

    We will be exhibiting at the International Modern Hospital Show 2012.

    We will exhibit at the International Modern Hospital Show 2012 to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from July 18 (Wed) to 20 (Fri), 2012. We will exhibit and demonstrate our "Emergency Rescue Cloud Viewer" and "Next Generation E-Learning System (LearnO)" at the show.

  • 2012.06.24

    We signed a distributorship agreement with an e-learning production company for LearnO

    We have signed a distributorship agreement with i-Foster and ElephanCube (in alphabetical order) for LearnO, a next-generation e-learning system, to strengthen sales of educational support systems in education and other fields.

    i Foster Co.
    (Business description: planning, filming and editing of "video content" with a focus on e-learning materials)

    ElephanCube Inc.
    The company has produced more than 200 e-learning content per year. More than 200 e-learning contents are produced annually.

  • 2012.05.14

    LearnO was used for "Additional EMT Training" in Hiroshima Prefecture

    The e-learning system LearnO has been used for a pre-training course (e-learning) on "Tracheal intubation using video laryngoscope for rigid intubation" to be held in Hiroshima Prefecture on May 15 and 18, 2012.

  • 2012.03.29

    LearnO introduced and operational at the Okinawa Clinical Simulation Center

    We introduced this system as an educational support program for the Okinawa Clinical Simulation Center. Yusuke Oya, Director of the Okinawa Clinical Simulation Center, gave us his comments as a customer.

    With traditional e-learning, you have to go to the site, find the materials you need, and then finally work on the materials.
    It also takes some getting used to and feeling good about the operation of each, and as a result, it has been difficult and unsatisfying to continuously engage and complete the course, despite trying a little.
    The Mogic e-learning system is designed to be used from computers, cell phones, smartphones and tablets, so that all users can continue to learn.
    The operations within the service are similar to those of familiar tools (e.g., email, social networking, etc.), making it very easy to use and user-friendly.
    It is also a safe and secure system for education providers to use, as it makes it easy to upload content, while at the same time, its strong security ensures that no one can download the teaching materials and prevents the content from being leaked. We expect to see more systems like this in the future, and we believe Mogic's Learno will lead the way.

  • 2012.03.28
    Launch of LearnO, the e-Learning service for students to get better at it!

    On March 27, 2012, we issued a press release announcing the launch of the e-learning service LearnO.

    LearnO is a service that allows users who belong to a corporation or an organization to learn together through videos and texts. You can learn through videos and slideshows, improve yourself through quizzes and grade analysis, check the learning trends of other users, and send and receive messages. Learn more

  • 2012.03.19

    Site redesigned and moved office!

    It's been a year since our last website, and our business has changed a lot, so we have renewed our website. We have also moved to a new office, and we hope you will come back to visit us again. We have posted a brief photo of our office on Facebook (

  • 2012.01.04

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year! We have decided to stay in Shakujii, and as the number of employees increases, we will do our best to provide you with a higher level of service to satisfy your needs.

  • 2011.03.15

    We hope that we can help the people in the affected areas

    Mogic will do what it can to help in the future reconstruction.
    Part of the sales will support the affected areas
    System provision, etc., needed in the disaster area

  • 2009.12.16

    Mogic Corporation officially launched