• 2019.11.01

    The top image of the Mogic site has a new look!

    We've jacked up our site with a redesigned business card design for our 10th anniversary!
    We at Mogic will continue to pursue "creativity" with our own hands.

  • 2019.10.09
    Add an at-a-glance notification box on the recruitment page for updates!

    We've added a box at the top of the recruitment page to display announcements about employment opportunities at Mogic! We will send you information about job openings at Mogic. Learn more

  • 2019.10.01
    Executive Officer System was introduced and two people were elected

    Mogic has introduced a system of executive officers, effective October 1. Motoichiro Seo has been appointed as Business Executive Officer and Takashi Kato as Service Executive Officer. Click here for more information.

  • 2019.09.30

    The top image of the Mogic site has a new look!

    The front page of the Mogic site, which was a refreshing change of scenery, has been transformed into a frightening Halloween edition! A werewolf howling eerily in a moonlit night, a zombie on the roof, and someone's hand on the ground ...
    This month, Halloween is everywhere at Mogic.

  • 2019.09.18

    From October 1, 2019, we will apply 10% sales tax in accordance with the revision of the Consumption Tax Act

    Thank you for using our services.

    From October 1, 2019, we will apply a 10% sales tax rate in accordance with the revised sales tax law.

    For those customers who have already paid their fees in a yearly lump sum, please be assured that you will not be charged the 2% tax rate for the fees you have already paid after October.

    Thank you for your understanding.

  • 2019.09.11
    eLearning Transfer & Free Customization to Your Brand!

    The e-learning system "LearnO" can be customized to your own brand for free, and a campaign will be held to easily transfer e-learning materials. Click here for more information

  • 2019.09.05
    In celebration of our first anniversary, we have relaunched our subsidiary Sqoll site!

    Sqoll, Inc. has celebrated its one year anniversary and has renewed its website! Learn more

  • 2019.09.03

    The top image of the Mogic site has a new look!

    It's September, and the top image of the Mogic site has also changed! Welcome to the profound world of Mogic, the more you see, the more you taste. Please take the time to savor it.

  • 2019.08.21
    Released an educational IT service to learn programming and art while playing!

    An educational IT service that allows you to draw pictures intuitively and without using any programming language, "Panik! Pinch! Plodding! Penniless! Horrid! We have just released From children to the elderly, even those who know nothing about programming or have no talent for drawing can easily experience programming and art. Learn more here

  • 2019.08.06
    Report Management Pholly, free customization campaign for Learning Assistant

    Mogic Corporation is offering a free customization campaign for the character of a learning assistant on its cloud service Pholly, which allows you to manage your reports and reports. Click here for more information.