• 2019.08.02

    The top image of the Mogic site has a new look!

    The rainy season is over and it's August, and the top image on the Mogic site has been changed! May the lukewarm summer nights become a little cooler, surrounded by starlight.

  • 2019.07.31
    We've started an official Mogic Instagram!

    We've been posting Mogic on KOMADO and Facebook, and finally, we've started Instagram! Learn more

  • 2019.07.25

    Due to business expansion, our subsidiary coffca is actively recruiting for part-time work as a designer, etc.

    Design Studio coffca, Inc. (a wholly owned subsidiary of Mogic) is looking for part-time designer and clerical jobs due to business expansion! Team management is becoming necessary to promote multi-faceted design proposals and licensing partnerships. If you want to help us grow our business together, you're more than welcome!

  • 2019.07.24
    MicroTech Struggle blog site, released!

    The site is now released, showcasing the little technologies we've developed so far! Learn more

  • 2019.07.18
    At the lowest price point in the industry, full-blown testing capabilities are also available!

    We are upgrading the testing function of the cloud e-learning system LearnO to meet a wide range of learning needs at 9,800 yen per month for 100 IDs. Learn more

  • 2019.07.05

    The top image of the Mogic site has a new look!

    June Music Month is over, and the top image on the Mogic site has a new look! On the spur of the moment, into space! Fluffy floating around the galaxy.

  • 2019.06.26

    The summer holiday period will be from August 13 to 16.

    Mogic's summer holiday period will be Tuesday, August 13 - Friday, August 16. We thank you for your understanding.

  • 2019.06.18
    eLearning LearnO revamped pricing plans! Video comi ¥ 14,900 is also new!

    The e-learning system LearnO has completely revamped its price plans, adding new plans from 14,900 yen per movie. To commemorate the new plan, the company is offering a campaign to give away three types of "assortment boxes of stationery" to commemorate the new plan. Click here for details.

  • 2019.06.17
    For eLearning LearnO adopters only! From 9,800 yen for a certificate of completion!

    Mogic's subsidiary design studio coffca, Inc. produces certificates, logos, posters and other promotional materials for LearnO adopters only. Please contact us for more information. Learn more about LearnO

  • 2019.06.12
    Cloud ePortfolio Pholly Offers Free Monitoring Campaign

    We are offering a free monitoring campaign for companies and certification organizations. For a limited time, you can use Pholly for free and receive support during implementation at no additional cost as well. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about the implementation of ePortfolio. Click here for more information