• 2019.09.05
    To celebrate our first anniversary, we've relaunched our subsidiary Sqoll website!

    Sqoll Corporation celebrates its first anniversary with a new website! Click here for details

  • 2019.09.03

    The top image on the Mogic site has been updated!

    The top image of the Mogic website has changed in September! Welcome to the deep world of Mogic, where the more you look, the more you taste. Please take your time to enjoy it.

  • 2019.08.21
    Released an educational IT service that lets you learn programming and art while playing!

    Educational IT service that allows users to draw pictures intuitively and playfully without using any programming language "Panik! Pinch! Purogram! Pento! Hori de! an educational IT service that allows users to draw pictures while playing intuitively. From children to the elderly, even those who do not know anything about programming or have no talent for drawing can easily experience programming and art. Click here for details

  • 2019.08.06
    Free customization campaign for Report Management Pholly, Learning Assistant

    Mogic is offering a free campaign to customize the character of the learning assistant in "Pholly", a cloud service to manage reports and reports. Click here for details.

  • 2019.08.02

    The top image on the Mogic site has been updated!

    As the rainy season has ended and August has begun, the top image of the Mogic site has changed! I hope that the lukewarm summer nights will become a little cooler, surrounded by the light of stars.

  • 2019.07.31
    We've started an official Mogic Instagram!

    We've been posting about Mogic on Komado and Facebook, but we've finally started Instagram! Click here for details.

  • 2019.07.25

    Due to business expansion, we are actively recruiting designers and other part-time workers for our subsidiary coffca.

    Design studio coffca, Inc. (a 100% subsidiary of Mogic) is looking for part-time designers and part-time clerical staff for business expansion! In order to promote design proposals to various fields and license partnerships, team management is becoming necessary. If you want to work with us to make our business more exciting, we welcome you!

  • 2019.07.24
    MicroTech's struggling blog site, released!

    We are pleased to announce the release of a new website that introduces the small technologies we have developed so far! Click here for details.

  • 2019.07.18
    Lowest price range in the industry, with real testing capabilities!

    The testing function of the cloud e-learning system "LearnO" will be significantly upgraded to meet a wide range of learning needs for 100 IDs at 9,800 yen per month. Click here for details

  • 2019.07.05

    The top image on the Mogic site has been updated!

    June's music month is over, and the Mogic site has a new top image! When you think of it, go to space! I'm floating around the galaxy.