Designer Intern

Application Guidelines and Work Regulations

Desirable skills to have

Must be able to work for at least one and a half years.
(If you are a 3rd or 4th year undergraduate student, please indicate your desire to enter a graduate school or find a job in the reason for application section.
People who are studying web design and are creating their own works.
(Please submit your portfolio. (Please submit your portfolio; it will be required for the application screening process.
People who like graphics and coding.
People who want to become a professional web designer in the future.
People who can set their own goals and work hard.
People who are studying web design and are stumped but want to get over it.

People who like new things and can gather information on their own.
People with a rich imagination.
Someone who has a favorite worldview or something that fascinates them (movies, books, pictures, photos, etc.)
People who can continue to challenge themselves without getting discouraged even when they stumble.
People who know the joy of creating things from scratch.
People who can recognize what they are lacking.
People who have a good balance between thinking and action

What you will gain from this job

In general, in large companies, work is divided up and the scope of work for one person is often narrow, but at Mogic, the scope of work for one person is inevitably wide because we are a small and elite group working on various projects. Although it can be tough at times, I am able to be involved in the entire service, including planning, design, development, and operation, while consulting within the team and collaborating with other teams.

A wide range of skills are required, but that is why you can find places where you can make use of your strengths. First of all, you should work hard to acquire the basic skills as a designer, and also take on challenges with an interest in a variety of work content.

Work Steps

Acquire coding skills and design skills
Accumulate basic skills as a coder through assignments and become able to realize your own designs in code. In addition, acquire design skills and the ability to propose designs through output.

Participate in small projects to experience the field.
Participate in a small project (MicroTech, New Year's greeting card application, etc.) using the basic skills you have acquired, and have discussions with people from other departments. Gain real-world experience through a wide range of outputs (posters, service landing pages, app design, etc.).

Participate in the development project of your own service
Participate in a main service project as a web designer and experience the real world of manufacturing. Acquire teamwork skills by working with members from other departments and receiving feedback.

Acquire skills to utilize the strengths of each individual.
Contribute to the team by utilizing your strengths, such as "I want to master JavaScript," "I want to deepen my design thinking," or "I want to master UX/UI. Develop your skills to become the designer you want to be.


Starting from 1,050 yen per hour. Salary increases will be given according to experience and performance.


commuting allowance

working hours

Less than 3 days per week, weekdays from 10:00 to 19:00
Shortened working hours are available for your convenience.

vacations and vacation

Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays / Annual paid vacations / Year-end and New Year vacations / Summer vacations

work location

Monodecor Shakujii Koen 1F-4F, 3-3-31 Shakujii-cho, Nerima-ku, Tokyo

welfare programme

Free drink system (coffee, tea, green tea, carbonated beverages, vegetable juice, etc.)
Free snack system (chocolate/Japanese sweets/snacks, etc.)

Training System

IT literacy education, etc.
Basically, we will implement Mogic's original training.

Selection Process

  • Entry through the web application form
  • Preliminary screening (document screening)
  • Final selection (on-site interview)

Interview with a Worker

Komado " is a media that looks inside Mogic.
This is a column where you can see the atmosphere of interns and other people working at Mogic. Please take a look.