Full-time employee Business planning/planner

Application Guidelines


People with more than 1 year of work experience
People who want to have discussions surrounded by professionals
People with a sense of humor
People who have experience in project management
People who want to create IT services while discussing with engineers and designers
People who want to test their abilities
People who can travel around the country


Research market trends and look for new business possibilities.
After creating a business plan, we assign members to work on the project.

What you can get out of this job

At Mogic, we have an environment where you can discuss with the top level engineers and designers in Japan and give shape to your new ideas. We are looking for people who have ideas but have not been able to realize what they want to try because they do not have discretionary power, or people who have not been able to give shape to their ideas because they do not have a project team.
Why don't you brush up your ideas and create a new service that can be accepted worldwide?

Work and employment regulations

Employment category

Full-time employees (there is a trial period of 3 months, but the conditions remain the same)

Salary and bonus

3.5 million yen to 6.5 million yen. Preferential treatment in accordance with our company's regulations, taking into account experience and ability.
Salary will be revised once a year, and bonuses will be linked to business performance once every six months.

Employee pension/social insurance/health checkup

Employee pension insurance
Health insurance (Kanto IT Software Association)
Employment insurance
Workers' compensation insurance
Company-sponsored endowment insurance
Annual health checkup (free of charge)

Allowance and retirement benefits

Job title allowance
Housing allowance (within 5km of Shakujii Koen Station)
Business trip allowance
Retirement allowance based on years of service
Commuting allowance

office (business, working) hours

Weekdays 10am - 7pm
Shortened working hours are available for your convenience.

vacations and vacation

Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays / Annual paid vacations / Year-end and New Year vacations / Summer vacations / Marriage leave / Bereavement leave

work location

Monodecor Shakujii Koen 1F-4F, 3-3-31 Shakujii-cho, Nerima-ku, Tokyo

welfare programme

Full support for overseas training planned by the company
Free training attendance system
Reward system for acquiring qualifications
Full subsidy for book purchases
Free drink system (coffee/tea/green tea/carbonated drinks/vegetable juice, etc.)
Free snack system (chocolate/Japanese sweets/snacks, etc.)
Free drinking system

Training System

Project Management
Teaching / Coaching / Mentoring
Planner School
Web Service School, etc.
Basically, we will provide Mogic's own training.

Available equipment and machines

In the company, there is a theater room and plenty of creative goods that can be used freely.

Selection Process

  • Entry through the web application form
  • Preliminary screening (document screening)
  • Second round (on-site interview)
  • Final selection (executive interview)

Interview with a Worker

Komado " is a media to look inside Mogic.
This is a column where you can see the atmosphere of the people working at Mogic, including interns. Please take a look.