• 2018.05.09
    Company Information Session for 2019 New Graduates

    We will hold a company information session for students scheduled to graduate in 2019.
    We will explain the details of our business and recruitment requirements, and have a discussion with our CEO, Mr. Yamane.
    We are also planning to have a discussion with Mr. Yamane, our CEO.

    If you attend the information session and wish to take the first examination, please submit your resume on the day of the session.
    Please bring your resume on the day. For more details, please click here.

  • 2018.03.10
    Spring Intern Recruitment Campaign now underway!

    We have started "Spring Intern Active Recruitment Campaign" for various positions, especially for engineers and web designers!

    I want to acquire cutting-edge skills as an engineer or web designer! I want to learn the latest skills as an engineer or web designer, and I want to feel the atmosphere of the field, not just learn on my own! I want to feel the atmosphere in the field! If you have hit a wall in your studies and want to overcome it, this is your chance! Click here for more details.

  • 2017.08.28

    Web Producer Assistant needed for those who want to create a web business.

    Your duties will include project planning/proposal/project management/development direction. You will learn how to lead a new project from proposal to project completion.

  • 2017.08.10

    Mogic is seeking a student intern for one week.

    Mogic is seeking student interns for one week during summer vacation. Positions available are Web Designer and Web Producer Apprentice. Interested students should visit our facebook page.

  • 2017.02.06
    Let's start from spring break! We are actively recruiting engineering interns!

    I want to become a professional engineer! We are looking for highly motivated people who want to become professional engineers. Many people start from spring break every year, so please apply if you are interested. For more details, click here.

  • 2016.04.26

    Due to the large number of applications, we have added details for each position.

    Due to the large number of applications we have received for personnel positions, we have included more detailed information.

  • 2016.01.12

    Interviews with Mogic's policies and workers are now available.

    Mogic has begun posting internal information, including interviews with actual Mogic employees, for those interested in employment opportunities.

  • 2015.08.20

    We are looking for an accounting and finance manager (full-time employment)!

    Mogic is seeking an Accounting and Finance Manager (full-time employment)! Interested parties should review the employment terms and conditions below and contact us for more information.

  • 2015.07.06

    We are looking for a Web Director and Web Engineer (full-time employment)!

    Mogic is looking for a Web Director and Web Engineer (full-time employment)! If you are interested, please check the employment conditions below and contact us.

  • 2015.03.26
    Added job titles for recruitment and added training programs, etc!

    We have added additional open positions, such as Web Director, and added details on our training programs. Click here for details.