• 2021.05.28
    business partnership
    LearnO is actively seeking business alliance partners

    The LearnO e-learning system is actively seeking business alliance partners for sales agency and OEM deployment. Partnership agreements are flexible, so please feel free to contact us. For more information, click here.

  • 2020.08.25
    business partnership
    LearnO collaborates with Primavera's "Practical Structured Management e-Learning" service!

    Ltd. and Primavera Inc. have entered into a partnership agreement and will begin offering a service linking the LearnO e-learning system and Primavera's "Practical Structured Management e-Learning Course" for a monthly fee of 49,800 yen and up (excluding tax, up to 100 users).
    For details, click here.

  • 2018.11.27
    business partnership

    The third OEM brand is a one-package e-learning solution for in-house educational materials!

    The "LearnO" e-learning system has entered into a partnership agreement with Hokutosha Corporation, a company with strengths in content production for e-learning. This enables in-house educators to revamp the content and system together as long as they have in-house teaching materials in Word and PowerPoint.

  • 2018.07.10
    business partnership
    Full-scale sales of the "LearnO" e-learning system under the OEM brand are launched!

    Ltd. has signed a partnership agreement with Catenoid Inc. to collaborate with OEM (OEM) on the "LearnO" e-learning system (to be offered as a branded product of the partner company). For more details, click here.

  • 2017.03.16
    business partnership
    Two video distribution service companies have been added to the Business Alliances page.

    Case studies of Brightcove Inc. and Ebiree Corporation, both of which have a proven track record in video distribution, have been added to the Business Alliances page. Click here for details.

  • 2016.11.17
    business partnership
    Press release from Nippon Office Instruments announcing official sales of Pholly

    Pholly, a report submission service for the active learning era, is now officially available from Nihon Junki. For more details, please click here. For more details, click here.

  • 2016.08.25
    business partnership
    Added a case study with Nippon Office Instruments on the Business Alliance page.

    Mogic has added a new case study of the business partnership of Pholly, an active learning support service that has been created through careful discussions with Nippon Office Instruments. Click here for more details.

  • 2015.03.26
    business partnership

    We are looking for sales agents!

    Due to an increase in inquiries from distributors, we have released a page for recruiting e-learning distributors. If you are interested in becoming an e-learning distributor, please contact us.

  • 2013.12.03
    business partnership

    E-learning sales agent system is now in full swing.

    Mogic has posted details of its distributor services for the LearnO e-learning service. For more information, please see the press release.

  • 2012.08.10
    business partnership

    Distributor Agreement with iCARE Corporation for LearnO

    (iCARE) (mental health management system) and Mogic Corporation have signed a distributorship agreement for the next-generation e-learning system "LearnO," developed and marketed by Mogic, with the aim of strengthening sales of educational support systems in the education and healthcare fields.

    Through the fusion of iCARE, which has a broad network in the medical and healthcare fields, and Mogic, which has system development capabilities, the two companies will provide comprehensive educational support solution services to the medical and healthcare industries.