• 2013.03.06
    Only Native Japan's website is now available!

    We have released Only Native Japan as a website, which we have been operating only on Facebook. We will continue to develop this site to be appreciated by more people from overseas. Click here for details

  • 2012.12.29
    New Year's greeting application for 2013 "Snake face fortune-telling Facenake" has been released!

    Snake - Na Face Fortune is an app that gives you a unique snake type diagnosis when you take a picture of your face with the camera. It is available for Android and iOS. This app is available for both Android and iOS, and the results may vary depending on how you take your picture. Please enjoy the coincidence.

    Click here for details

  • 2012.12.20
    Only Native Japan", a website to introduce Japanese culture in English, has been released!

    In talking with writers in Europe, there have been some requests to learn more about Japanese culture, so we have released a Facebook site for "Only Native Japan" that introduces Japanese culture with pictures. We will gradually evolve the site, so please stay tuned.

    Click here for details

  • 2012.12.07
    Qure's Facebook page is now available in English!

    Today, we released the English version of Qure's Facebook page. As we write about digital education news from around the world, we felt that there is no website that provides a global overview of education in any country, so we launched this page. Initially, we will sequentially release past articles from the Japanese version of the site as the English version, but we hope to gradually provide information on education in Japan as well.

    Qure in English] Click here for details.

  • 2012.11.02

    Smartphone Version of Education News Site "Qure" Released

    We have released a smartphone version of our smartphone/tablet education news site, Qure. The smartphone version has tabs on the top page for new news, apps, and e-books, and the apps are designed to be downloaded and used immediately.

  • 2012.10.01
    Smartphone/Tablet Education News Site "Qure" Released

    Qure, a news site specializing in smartphone/tablet education, is now available.

    Qure is a news site that covers new educational services and learning materials in line with the rapidly expanding mobile broadband environment. While IT in education is advancing and many educational services are appearing, there is too much information for users and corporate staff to decide which one to choose. That's why we launched Qure, to help guide you through the process of introducing smartphone/tablet education.

    Click here for details

  • 2012.08.16

    eLearning LearnO trial site now has a smartphone version!

    In response to requests, we have released a smart phone version of the trial site. You can still register via Mogic's administrator at お試しになりたい方はinfo@mogic.jpまでご連絡ください.

  • 2012.08.10
    business partnership

    We have signed a distributor agreement with iCARE Corporation for LearnO.

    (mental health management system) and Mogic Corporation have signed a distributorship agreement for LearnO, a next-generation e-learning system developed and marketed by Mogic, with the aim of strengthening sales of educational support systems in the education and medical fields.

    iCARE, with its broad network in the medical and healthcare fields, and Mogic, with its system development capabilities, will combine to provide comprehensive educational support solution services to the medical and healthcare industries.

    iCARE Corporation:

  • 2012.07.26

    eLearning LearnO trial site (free registration) is now available!

    We have released a trial site (you can log in with your email address and password) so that those who are interested can take a closer look at LearnO. Currently, you can still register via the Mogic administrator at お試しになりたい方はinfo@mogic.jpまでご連絡ください. In the near future, we will open an application site where users will be able to register.

  • 2012.07.20

    Thank you for visiting us at the International Modern Hospital Show 2012!

    We demonstrated Emergency Medical Services Cloud Viewer and LearnO customized for medical use at the exhibition booth of GEMITS, a project to build an emergency medical system support system in Gifu Prefecture. We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the opportunity to exchange opinions with so many people. We would like to ask for your frank opinions to continue improving our services.