• 2022.04.02
    April Fool's Day Project! Local Activation Service Released!

    This time we released an online game "Ikebukuro☆Chichibu Dentetsu" based on real estate! You can continue to enjoy the backgammon game of visiting stations on the Seibu Line. For more details, click here.

  • 2022.03.24
    Celebrating the 10th anniversary of LearnO! Contracted to develop an original IT education system

    In the 10th year since the e-learning system "LearnO" was launched, we will build an IT education system from scratch to meet the needs of our clients by applying the know-how we have accumulated in online education. We have been receiving an increasing number of requests from professional organizations and companies to build a system directly related to their business model, and have decided to develop an original IT education system on a contract basis for one year only. For more information, please click here.

  • 2022.03.01
    Thanks to your support, the e-learning system "LearnO" celebrates its 10th anniversary!

    The e-learning system LearnO will celebrate its 10th anniversary on March 28, 2022, and to mark the occasion, we have launched the "10th Anniversary Project" to express our gratitude to our users and to provide new values for the next generation. We are also committed to providing new value to the next generation. We look forward to a new stage in LearnO's history, where we will continue to listen to our customers and improve the ease of use of our services. For more information, click here.

  • 2022.02.28

    We are actively hiring interns for various positions, especially engineers!

    Mogic has started a spring internship recruitment campaign for various positions, mainly engineers and web designers! If you are interested in working as an intern at Mogic, please apply from the recruitment page.

  • 2022.02.14
    Media Coverage] e-Learning System "LearnO" has been featured in the media.

    An interview with LearnO was featured in the HR Tech Guide, a comprehensive HR x IT media publication, which also describes LearnO's commitment and support system, so whether you are considering LearnO or are unsure about choosing an e-learning system, please take a look. For more information, click here.

  • 2022.02.09

    The top page of the Mogic website has been redesigned.

    As the seasons change, the logo on the Mogic site is also changing from winter to the beginning of spring.

  • 2022.01.26

    We are looking for a part time PR person to support the management of SNS and our media.

    We are currently looking for a part time PR person to join our team. Currently, we have mothers raising children and students with no experience!

  • 2022.01.01
    New Year's Greeting Service "Toranpoyon" has been released.

    Happy New Year! Instead of New Year's greeting cards, we have prepared a new year's greeting service that you can enjoy on your browser (PC/iOS/Android). There are two modes: story mode and running mode. Please enjoy the game and try to get the tasty sweets! For more details, click here.

  • 2021.12.21
    New features to support e-learning system "LearnO" content sales

    LearnO, an e-learning system, has developed a new function, the "Online Learning Materials Management System," which will be available in April 2022. This feature will promote the distribution of content in a wide range of fields. This feature will allow for the centralized online management of large volumes of content, reducing the workload of registering, updating, and deleting content. For more information, click here.

  • 2021.12.16

    Thanks to your support, we celebrated our 12th anniversary!

    As of December 16, Mogic, Inc. celebrates its 12th anniversary.
    We will continue to improve our services to meet your expectations.