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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

October 12, 2017

The metaphor of a rare animal

We are often asked by outsiders, "What criteria do you use in your hiring process? I am often asked by outsiders, "What criteria do you use in your hiring process?

He answers with a laugh, "When I meet and talk to them, I decide if they are a rare animal or not.

To call it a rare animal would be very rude, but I believe it is the right expression.

The definition of a rare animal is defined as a type of person who has some strong energy but tends to have trouble when trying to fit in with society, and tends to have too much energy and refract in his or her mind.

There is a sense of having a great deal of power, and if the vector is directed well, it can be frighteningly powerful.

Such people are what drive Mogic.

October 05, 2017

The back of an adult who wants to be

It makes me very happy when I hear words like "I look up to you" or "I admire you" from children.

Children express what they feel in a straightforward manner, and above all, adults seem to have fun! I think it's good that they thought "adults seem to be fun!

I feel that working is also about earning money, self-realization, and education for children who will be responsible for the future.

They should be able to hone their abilities, take advantage of opportunities, do what they want to do, and contribute to society. It is the responsibility of adults to secretly support them.

When we inspect our work and the way we work, that is exactly what we are axing.

The goal is not to achieve only a set number.