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I hope to share some of that process with you in this section.

President Yoichi Yamane

PDCA, not CDSF (coined word)

A common process at Mogic that takes place in a team when thinking about new services, events, etc. is the CDSF (coined word).

There is not a word in the world called CDSF, but rather an acronym for it.

On the other hand, the framework that is generally used to get the business running well is PDCA.

P = PLAN, D = DO, C = CHECK, A = ACTION, the point is to plan, do it, evaluate the results, and improve.

PDCA tends to place a lot of emphasis on "planning first" and "measuring numerically", which may not work well when creating something that has never been done before from scratch.

This is because there is no precedent and there is no way to "plan" because you are going to try something you have never done before.

If it's impossible to set up the project, it would be like a plan to clarify the objective by February 1 and find a way to do it by February 10, and as long as the objective is created by February 1, it's OK and the quality of the content is not discussed that much.

In the case of teamwork projects, as opposed to PDCA, which is often done in Mogic, the order is C=CONCEPT, D=DISCUSSION, S=SYMBOL, and F=FEEDBACK.

One person comes up with the concept first, and the whole team discusses this and that from various angles and expands the information.

The creators then make a selection of the expanded information and create a small symbolic object, which is then commented on by all team members as interesting or uninteresting, and then the concept is reworked once again.

In other words, instead of checking and improving the accuracy of the PLAN, it is a process of testing and remaking the prerequisites of what you want to create, which may or may not be similar.