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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

May 17, 2018

Create a canvas that everyone will want to paint on.

The other day, a project manager in my company told me that he used to think that he wanted better ideas from engineers and designers, but that was actually not the case; he felt that the cause was that he had not prepared a canvas that they naturally wanted to draw on.

Creating services can be difficult.

If you add a lot of common features, you will eventually saturate the market.

Rather than saturating the function, the thought processes of the project members become saturated.

It's a sense of closure, like, "Can't we add any more features?

However, I believe this is a self-serving illusion. Creativity is to create new perspectives from limited situations, and the project members who do not realize this is decreasing are more problematic.

I believe that a good team realizes this limitation within the project and is able to make a major change in direction.