Mogic Thinking

A combination of a small number of people + software + servers and robots.
We are promoting a new era of company management.
I hope to share some of that process with you in this section.

President Yoichi Yamane

What is the essence, you ask

Why close your eyes in meditation? For the obvious question of

I believe it's to rediscover the importance of the unseen because we are too dependent on what we can see.

What is the essence? For the question of

I believe that the question itself is a guide to change one's own reflexive behavior, caught in the conventional wisdom.

Ask the team questions and find a new way of life in various opinions.


Do not just one job title, but all jobs at the same time

Mogic makes each person perform a variety of roles.

There is no division of duties because you are in charge of marketing or direction.

I always say "double your productivity" and learn as a person while doing several projects "in a day, doing all the tasks at the same time, mille-feuille style".

When you have a lot going on at the same time, sometimes you feel a warped sense of time and space, but it's also a lot of fun.