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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

July 25, 2022

Summer can be choosy.

I was in the mood for a summer vacation when I scarfed down shaved ice at a beach house with a pine wind blowing through the air and held a handheld firework in the night sky.

Even though I am not in middle school, I still spend my hot summers just lazing around and doing whatever I want.

Of course, we will be selective about the work we do and only do what we like to do.

Next week we will receive a big, sweet watermelon at the office, which will be chilled in ice water and enjoyed by all.

The next cooler weather and early fall are motivating.

Then I thought I could try my best again.

July 19, 2022

One-time meaningful wisdom

When I'm trying to organize my clutter, I think about a lot of things.

We can label and categorize, narrow it down to only what we need according to our experience, take data and find rules, organize it into a tree like an evolutionary lineage, or take close elements and express them metaphorically.

If there are physical limitations, such as living space, that would be sufficient, but with information that is infinitely close to a person, it is a different story.

The Age of Exploration, which began in the 15th century, was just such a chaotic situation, and the vast amount of information brought from the New World seemed to provide new perspectives.

Renaissance: The Age of the Information Revolution
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The goal of Renaissance mnemonics was to control information topographically. In other words, the ideal system was one in which the location of each piece of information had an appropriate meaning within the overall structure, so that the relationship between the individual and the whole could be grasped intuitively.


However, this method of managing knowledge in a fixed arrangement will eventually become unable to cope with the reality of infinite growth of information.


Rather, the idea is reversed, and the prevailing view is that an image of the world is constructed by an observer from the range of experiences he or she has been able to observe.


By searching tens or hundreds of thousands of cards according to certain keywords, extracting and combining only what is needed, a one-time, meaningful knowledge link or bundle of information is extracted each time.

Extract meaningful wisdom on the spot, one time only.

The fun part of running a company or creating IT services is being able to explore how to fold information in this way.

July 11, 2022

between seriousness and fidelity

There is a general procedure for creating a system in IT.

Like requirements specification, requirements definition, user interface design, database design, screen wire production, infrastructure construction, HTML mockups, coding, screen embedded development, and unit testing.

It is a very natural process, no doubt about it.

Personally, I think this alone would be boring, so I would include a part called "staging".

Likewise, there are common ways to work with the company.

Documentation, meetings, minutes, reporting/communicating/consulting, scheduling, task lists, goal setting and progress tracking, communication, risk management, leadership and followership, and so on.

It could be done as is, but it will be reassembled in the name of staging as well.

So what is direction? So to put it into words, it is defined as "It doesn't make sense from an efficiency point of view, but it makes everyone feel happy, so it's okay.

Mogic has a word for the condition, and it is called "goofing around" as between seriousness and fudginess.

When you first join a company, you are too serious, then as you get used to it, you become too serious, and after a year or so, you naturally become a good goofball, so I guess it's a cultural thing.

July 04, 2022

Seeds to nurture ideas

There is a chemical term called "resonance structure," and I once wondered if I could use it as a hint to create a tissue.

Resonance structure refers to a more stable state in a molecule in which the positions of the atoms remain the same, but only the positions of the electrons change.

It is a bit difficult to describe, but I quote the following

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When there are multiple physically and chemically assumed chemical structural formulas for a single compound, the molecule is said to be in resonance between each structure, assuming a superposition of those structures.


By resonating between several structures, the molecule is less energetic than it would be if it did not resonate. In other words, the molecule becomes more stable.

The idea is that if we compare teams to molecules, people to atoms, and leadership to electrons, then instead of someone always taking the leadership role, leadership should move around within the team depending on the situation, thereby increasing resilience to various stresses.

The question that arises here, however, is: if leadership moves among people, who determines that leadership move?

The answer to this question, as you can see from the molecule, is not that the atoms are talking to each other or that someone is making a decision, but that the properties and combinations of atoms make it so, and we should design with that in mind.

When discussing the definition of an organization that is unique to Mogic, the seeds for nurturing ideas are brought to us from the most unlikely places.