Mogic Thinking

A combination of a small number of people + software + servers and robots.
We are promoting a new era of company management.
I hope to share some of that process with you in this section.

President Yoichi Yamane

D.I.Y (Do It Yourself)

D.I.Y. is a Sunday carpentry term, to quote from Wikipedia


DIY is the activity of making, repairing, and decorating something by yourself (i.e., using your body) instead of paying someone (a contractor) to do it for you.

DIY is a range of activities based on the philosophy of "Do what you can do yourself".
Do it yourself".

In Mogic this is often done.

For example, you can buy coffee beans from a coffee machine and drink them in an espresso machine, but we get bored with that, so we buy them from the green coffee beans, roast them ourselves, make them in espresso pods, and use the warmed milk as a form to make a cappuccino, or you can make your own blends with the beans from different regions and how roasted they are. Enjoy.

Also, the floor tiles were getting old, so we stripped them off ourselves, got a bunch of tiles, cut and peeled them, and made mosaics.

The atmosphere of the door became different and could be repainted.

It's similar in company-related situations. If the meeting proceedings get boring or uninteresting, they keep adding customizations, and the minutes can be kept in real time.

If it becomes a hassle to write a phone call receipt note, create a web tool and try it out as soon as you have an idea for a web service, or add to the past one.

Project management can vary from very slow-paced to fast-paced, depending on the project.

Even hard business areas such as strategy and marketing are difficult to use in existing frames, so they can be completely different with various improvements.

I believe that the company's culture is the margin to enjoy it.


Let's do it with local production for local consumption.

Although not food, Mogic emphasizes local production for local consumption in the management of the company.

In terms of details, we ask local people to design brochures for Shakujii local design companies, hire a nearby construction company to do the interior work, and do most of the things we can do for the accountant's office, the lawyer's office, and the birthday cake.

Then you become acquainted with them, and they become friends.

There is also a greeting with the landlord of the office, people coming to do electrical work, and people from a nearby English conversation class who were allowed to participate in the Halloween procession with the children.

When I went to a Chinese restaurant today, I received sesame dumplings as a free gift because it was crowded.

Such a loose network is the atmosphere to run a business in Shakujii.