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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

September 19, 2023

it's the auspicious day when you've just thought of it

When making decisions in a company, we are inevitably concerned about whether we are making choices because we want to or because we have to.

When considering the future, we have several possibilities, but whether we have narrowed them down to 10 options or only 2 options from the beginning is a very different starting point from which to make a decision.

Even if we discount the grandiose catchphrase, "The future is infinite," the number of options should swing toward the many, so it is disconcerting when there are so few options.

If we apply this somewhat aggressively to job hunting, it is similar to the fact that in April of one's junior year of college, one can choose from a wide range of industries, but in April of one's senior year of college, one must carefully narrow down the industries and companies to choose from.

If you find it difficult to move to a different company in the same industry after 5 years of work, and even more difficult after 10 years, the composition is the same.

It seems that the environment that surrounds us in the years that are slowly passing us by is slowly and chemically reacting to and narrowing the world that seems to be automatically possible.

In this situation, I have to assume that this is the only option.

If it is positive, that is fine, but if it suddenly lowers my eyes, I am concerned.

That said, it's almost impossible to remove a sinking assumption just before you make a decision.

So this time around, I'm going to go back a long way and try to do something about it.

You can either constantly strive to have 10 or more options, or you can guide them along the way so that the two that look good can remain as options.

I am still not sure what the future holds, even though I have been racking my brains for a long time, but I am going to take the opportunity to go as far as I can think.