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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

November 27, 2023

What will your future self tell you?

I used to work in planning, so I find myself thinking about the future.

The future is not an extension of today's image of the future, but rather today's us as seen from some point in the future.

To put it plainly, "What would you say to yourself today if you were 10 years older?

In 10 years, your eyes may be dizzy, your back may ache, your children may have left the nest, you may be taking care of your parents, the countryside may be deserted, you may have much more knowledge to search for, the pension age may have increased, procuring food may have become more difficult, events may have shaken society, the company organization may have changed, and the people you work with may be different. organization may have changed, and the people you work with may be different.

I wondered what my future self would say after going through them.

A tip is to think about what advice you would have given to yourself 10 years ago.

Ten years ago, before we moved to our current office, one year after launching our main service, with 1/3 of the current members, no track record, no know-how, no Corona disaster, no inflation.

I will probably tell you only three things to suppress my desire to say this and that.

It's OK if we do what we believe in, be flexible and move with a high level of individual skill and teamwork, as many things are unpredictable.

Now, what will I tell our current selves 10 years from now?