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With the combination of a small number of people + software + servers and robots
We are promoting a new era of company management.
We hope to share part of this process with you in this corner.

Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

March 26, 2024

By the pond where ducks relax

Come to think of it, I have been on my own ever since I started my business.

They also tell me that I am laid back.

It was not associated with the idioms of rapid growth on the right, exponential parabolas, and scaling up by orders of magnitude.

If we can have a good time talking about trivial things, eating delicious sweets, and doing something we can believe in, that's enough.

Come to think of it, the old faces are still the same and you can just hear them laughing.

Maybe it will never change.

If you are looking for rapid growth, there are many companies that are willing to go for it.

If you have a brilliant career, there are many workplaces where you can make it happen.

Speaking of Mogic, we are looking for people who want to live in a relaxed atmosphere by the pond where ducks are at home.