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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

Nov. 29, 2021

What is finite, what is limited

One of the most common events we have encountered with the Corona disaster is price hikes and service interruptions due to supply shortages.

At first, we ran out of masks and disinfectant, and then the hospital beds were overwhelmed, and there were few openings to change jobs.

Recently, gasoline prices have risen, rental properties in Nerima are no longer available, and the items we ordered from China have not been delivered.

What we took for granted before Corona was supported by an invisible "abundance".

At the same time, we realized that there was a limit to the amount of carbon dioxide we could emit, and we never thought that we would be unable to catch fish in Japan, a country supported by abundant fishery resources.

If you ask me, will the after-corona period make everything more plentiful again? If you ask me, I think not.

The next step is to think of replacing the former abundance with "limited and limited", and I think the last few years have been the beginning of that.