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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

October 31, 2022

Goodbye, Cooking Dept.

Before the Corona disaster, we had a cooking club and often made sweets at work.

Usually the interns got involved, and I now have good memories of being roasted gingko nuts on the roof, roasting green coffee beans, and kneading flour to make cookies.

But times have passed and circumstances have changed, which means that we have busted out the cooking supplies.

Iron pans, small wooden plates, ceramic platters, spoons, chopsticks, teacups, mugs, decorative glass plates, tortilla machines.

I remember the party we had when we got oysters directly from Atsukishi with this, and how we went to the trouble of ordering corn flour and made tacos with it, and how we piled up croquettes in a heap with it, and all the things I miss.

While a large amount of cooking supplies were gone, the DIY shelves that had been on display were also dismantled.

We are half sad and half refreshed, and a new project is beginning to run.