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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

February 06, 2023

What one likes, one will do well

I wondered how many web media we had created on our own so far, and to my surprise, it was more than 50 sites.

However, only six sites remain in existence.

As one would expect, if you make that much, close it, and make it again, you will accumulate know-how, whether you like it or not.

Creating a concept, researching search terms and social posts, deciding on a writing format, measuring the effectiveness of each article, the concept of cost-effectiveness, the role the media plays and its limitations, training the writer, automatic measurement of search results, how to create stories, differentiation from other media, and a workflow that is easy to maintain, Inflow and outflow leads, and so on.

Media that have been created this way and that way, even though no one taught them to do so.

If it is something we really want to do, we should think about it and keep on doing it.

Since love is the key to success, Mogic is full of people who do what they love.