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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

June 05, 2023

A salt-connected bond

I had placed one heaped salt on each side of the outside door to ward off evil spirits in the office, but decided to stop after a break in dealing with the Corona disaster.

When a conical mold is filled tightly with salt and placed upside down, a dignified white mountain is formed.

It was often the case that although it looked beautiful and had a wicked feeling, it fell apart after a while.

In particular, the heaped salt placed outside the first floor door often fell apart, and I wondered why? We were talking about it.

In the evening when I had a thought in my head that maybe something bad was happening, I finally understood when the intercom rang.

A young father's voice says, "Excuse me, the salt on the door, ...... my child touched it and crushed it, ...... it seems unusual. I'm sorry, my child touched the salt on the door and crushed it.

The member replies, "Oh, well, I'll be right there."

As I went down the stairs, I saw no one, indeed, the area around the dish was still cluttered like a sandbox.

Even after that, when people forgot about it, the mountains of salt were broken down without people knowing.

Eventually, even though I couldn't see them, I was convinced that it was a good sign that small children were playing with them.

When I decided to stop heaping salt in this way, I was strangely curious about them.

In this world, there are connections that people do not know they have.