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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

August 28, 2023

Learn and draw a spiral

The eLearning LearnO logo features a snail.

The image of slow and steady progress and a little bit charming seemed to match the new online learning system, and was adopted.

For this 10th anniversary rebranding, we are reworking the logo, making it a little more three-dimensional and adding depth.

It is so obvious if you look closely, but there is a hidden and important thought there.

I quote from a snail research history that happened to have some similar nuances.

The Singing Snail

History and snails are very similar.

Both repeat and spiral.

Whether it was tragedy or comedy, Roman historians and Marx agreed that history repeats itself, and what Hegel, Francis Bacon, and Nostradamus had in common was that history seemed to them to be a spiral staircase.

The growing snail shell, on the other hand, has to make a full turn, adding a new calcium carbonate shell on top of the current shell, and then go all the way around the back before returning, in order to reach the position where its future head is - literally right under its nose.

This is repeated many times to form a spiral shell.

I believe that the message of going far, far in circles to reach one higher self is very hopeful for those who are serious about learning.