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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

September 04, 2023

Essay addressed to myself

I rarely make plans, but I just keep track of them.

The list of what I have been doing each month since starting the business is the longest, and the rest of the list is facts for each event that occurred.

What was lucky, what got me into trouble, what went unexpectedly well, what unexpectedly went wrong, what I gathered materials and made decisions, what I talked about and realized, what was trial and error in service, what members were struggling with, what my assumptions were blind spots.

If you look at the records every three months or so, you will have an essay vaguely addressed to yourself.

Connecting events, creating diagrams, adding explanations, and layering stories.

When the stories unexpectedly resonate with you, you will feel freshly inspired, as if you are reading an epic poem that has been handed down from long ago.