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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

September 25, 2023

Computers, like humans, are

Regular internal meetings are routine and not very memorable.

But if you look at today's regular practice from three years into the future, you will find it very valuable.

With that in mind, I made live recordings of meetings here and there.

If you join online, the audio is automatically transcribed for your convenience.

Here is such a transcription from a regular Branding.

As usual on a certain day in September, we start at 1:30 p.m.
13:37:05 Yes, okay then. Shall we start? Does it look okay?
13:37:13 Okay, we will begin.
13:37:17 Um, yes, oh, I see. I have to share the screen. Hmmm, this is it.
13:37:32 Are you seeing this?
13:37:34 Yes.
13:37:34 Uh-oh.
13:37:37 Okay. So we'll start passing by that guy too? 13:37:38 Yes.
13:37:44 Um, so the audio content is perfect. We're going to record it for now, yes.
13:37:52 Phew.

14:04:20 Shall we go to the next display on the first floor then?
14:04:27 Okay. Yes, I think so.
14:04:27 Well, Halloween is fast approaching, and we are continuing to make preparations, but can you send videos to chat, or not?
14:04:38 Yes, and it depends on the weight. If it is short, you can send it.
14:04:48 You can try sending it anyway.
14:04:43 About the first floor, this is it for now.
14:04:56 Ah. Neon sign.
14:04:56 Tested the neon sign thing a little bit yesterday.
14:05:00 Ah. This is the one I tried to do before.
14:05:03 A-ha-ha.
14:05:03 Eh, I can't see it. How am I supposed to do this?
14:05:06 No, no, no, I sent it to chat.
14:05:10 Ha ha ha ha ha.
14:05:11 Oh, really.
14:05:11 It's true. It's true.
14:05:14 What's this?
14:05:09 Wow. Wow. Wow. I may have changed a little bit for sure.
14:05:15 Hahahaha. No, I've changed quite a bit.

It's a problem. Computers, like humans, cover up inaudible words with laughter.