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We are promoting a new era of company management.
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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

November 06, 2023

People who find Mogic interesting.

This is finally the fourth in a series of representative long interviews, and we finally get to talk about management.

Since it is still a long way from public release, I will excerpt a portion of it.

- What is the best part of running a company?

Yamane: To put it very simply, a company is a place where you can gather people you don't know.

That is the best part.

In a company, if you say, "Gather interesting people," they will gather! But if you ask interesting people to get together on their days off, they won't! but if you say, "Let's get together on your day off!

So the company is in part a great cause to gather people to have fun with.

Although the company has its own reasons and timing, Mogic is always looking for people who can make things interesting.

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