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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

May 14, 2024

Antenna like a fish bone

A psychologist friend of mine once taught me about the process of "learning.

... says

In the case of child-rearing, it is not enough for parents to give their children a lot of information.

It often doesn't make sense to tell them that this is good information and that they will fail if they don't do that.

They can do it when they say it, but not in similar situations, or they don't remember it in the first place.

I will often say, "I told you before, why do you keep making the same mistakes, think about it a little.

Why do you think?

That's because the child's mind has not developed antennas that can catch that information well.

If you have antennas like fish bones in your head, just by looking and listening, information will be caught on and become blood and flesh.

That way, before you know it, you naturally end up with a fine fish.

But if you don't have antennas, all information just flows from right to left.

Even if you can imitate it well on the spot, you can't apply it because it's not gut-feeling (visually, it's not visceral)."

Then, I continued.

If so, how can you create an antenna in your head?"

according to again

If you have antennas, you know the basic skeleton information.

It is easier to become an antenna when you have some base knowledge and also know the big picture.

If you have knowledge of the sewerage system, you may become interested in manholes while walking around.

However, this basic information is easier said than done,

It's actually hard to get into my head.

The point is that the information has to be conveyed before the antennae are created, and that basic information inevitably looks boring.

So, we will need to be creative there.

If possible, it is better to give them various real-life experiences so that they will remember them unknowingly, or to talk about them loosely and gradually little by little every day.

That is one aspect of why people say that conversation at home is important.

So is the interest in new things from friendships.

The more antennas you have, the more information you capture, and this is seen as an attitude of curiosity.

I thought to myself, "Well, that makes sense," and so I "stopped teaching" even more.

Instead, he said, it's better to keep a wide range of unimportant stories about this and that.

It is for the same reason that I keep non-business-like books in my office.

Building a broad and shallow base of wisdom may or may not someday be competitive.

At Mogic, we are working on this over a long span of 10 to 20 years.