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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

April 24, 2023

Real fruit is delicate and raw.

When I wander around markets in old towns overseas, I see all kinds of fruits that I have never seen before, and after asking about them, I soon find myself wanting to eat them.

The soft and fresh aroma spreads, the crunchy and hard texture is soft and sweet, and it melts like custard all over the tongue.

I thought it was the result of the exotic travel experience, but apparently not.

Fruit Hunters

Today, fruits have become a part of everyday life.

Anyone can eat as much as they want.

They are on store shelves all year round, inexpensive, and before you know it, they are shriveled and moldy on your kitchen counter.

Eating fruit is almost obligatory.

Many people say they don't like fruit.

Perhaps it is because the fruits are eaten an average of two or three weeks after harvest.

The global economy demands standardized products, i.e., reliable, uniform, and homogeneous products.


The apples I bought were exactly the same in Borneo, Brazil, Budapest, and Boston.

Many of the fruits we eat are transport-resistant and have been modified to stay fresh for up to ten days under the glaring fluorescent lights of supermarkets.

The result is "cyborg fruit.


Real fruit is delicate and raw and requires careful handling.

Although humans have processed fruit in various ways, fruit is inherently uncontrollable and unpredictable.

Even apples from the same tree have different flavors.

Quality varies depending on what time the crop was harvested.

The sugar content of a single orange changes from one cluster to the next.

That being said, it is obvious.

Newly threshed and freshly milled rice has the smell of earth.

There is always something spilling out of the fruit that is always on the palate instead of always being available.

I'll continue the quote for another verse or so.

While a select handful of fruits dominate international trade, the planet is awash with fruits that are inaccessible to humans or ignored and forgotten by them.

For example, pina colada-flavored mango. Orange holomuy strawberries. White blueberries. Blue apricots. Red lemons. Golden raspberries. Some pink-colored cherimoya.

The diversity of fruits is dizzying.

This is not limited to fruit.

Beyond the commodification that efficient distribution brings, abundance is lost.

I wonder what would happen if it were a company, a way of working, education, or a business model.

Just as trees and plants and flowers that are trying to live are remaking their fruit, the more dizzying it gets, the more it seems that there are so many different forms.