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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

August 17, 2023

I don't set goals for the organization.

An acquaintance I met during the Bon Festival laughed at me and said, "You still haven't set goals at your company?" I decided to think about it again.

It is true that we have never set company-wide or departmental goals since the company was founded.

The reason is simple.

It was my policy to do my best today, I'm not sure about tomorrow, and yesterday was yesterday.

To put it bluntly, organizational goals are hard to set and confirm.

First, the current status of the organization is to be determined.

Next, consider the future vision of the organization you want to reach.

Roughly speaking, let's take the difference between the future vision and the current situation.

Extract only those differences that are feasible.

Then, the feasible items are butchered in a set period of time.

To be sure, check to see if there is linkage between the goals of the organizations.

The finishing touch is to properly document the feasibility that has been cut out.

Overnight, he shows the text to the head of one of the departments.

Naturally, they look a little uncomfortable because it's a stretch goal.

I laugh and tell them to keep up the good work.

will be done to all department heads.

Each responsible person will inform his/her members.

However, somewhere there is a gap or a lack of understanding.

To prevent this, we hold regular plenary meetings to say the same thing.

And so a few months pass, and I have to set another goal.

Speaking of which, we need to scrutinize our accomplishments against our current goals.

Everyone has a different interpretation of achievement that needs to be corrected.

Then let's set an example by awarding exemplary people.

Then let's format how to create goals.

After a while, he inadvertently comes up with a new business idea and changes course halfway through his goal.

Both the person in charge and the members were disappointed that they had gone to all this trouble.

Even so, think with a company-wide mindset, and gather the responsible people together for a training camp.

Then, they will be disciplined to face opinions and mend to scoop up all of them.

Now, I'm anxious to see if it will shine, despite the time and effort put into the goal.


At some point, they become afraid to stop the goal system.

Therefore, we have not set a goal for the organization.

Well, to be more honest, I have not liked setting goals or achieving them for a long time.