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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

October 12, 2017

The metaphor of a rare animal

We are often asked by outsiders, "What criteria do you use in your hiring process? I am often asked by outsiders, "What criteria do you use to consider hiring?

He answers with a laugh, "When I meet and talk to them, I decide if they are a rare animal or not.

To call it a rare animal would be very rude, but I believe it is the right expression.

The definition of a rare animal is defined as a type of person who has some strong energy but tends to have trouble when trying to fit in with society, and tends to have too much energy and refract in his or her mind.

There is a sense of having a great deal of power, and if the vector is directed well, it can be frighteningly powerful.

Such people are what drive Mogic.

October 05, 2017

The back of an adult who wants to be

It makes me very happy when I hear words like "I look up to you" or "I admire you" from children.

Children express what they feel in a straightforward manner, and above all, adults seem to have fun! I think it is good that they thought "adults seem to be fun!

I feel that working is also about earning money, self-realization, and education for children who will be responsible for the future.

They should be able to hone their abilities, take advantage of opportunities, do what they want to do, and contribute to society. It is the responsibility of adults to secretly support them.

When we inspect our work and the way we work, that is exactly what we are axing.

The goal is not to achieve only a set number.

September 21, 2017

Ultra Light Company Recommendations

There is a style that all walkers know: long trail, ultra-light.

A long trail is a kind of walking trip that originated in the U.S. It is a long trail that is not strenuous like mountaineering, and is followed at one's leisure.

You can eat delicious food along the way, admire the scenery, or walk in silence.

Ultra-light" refers to the reduction in the weight of equipment and gear, and recent technological developments have made it possible to work extremely light.

Establishing and operating a company is a long road.

I thought it would be a good idea to keep our equipment as light as possible, choose our own paths, stop and go, and have fun.

That is the recommendation of Ultra Light Company.

By reviewing all the common sense that is generally required in running a company, we reduce the weight to the extreme, choose the solutions to the world's problems that we want to contribute to, and spend our days talking about, reviewing, and fulfilling the problems we want to solve.

We are working with awareness of limited resources and limited time.

September 20, 2017

A great atmosphere of no overtime work.

Mogic's regular hours are 7:00 p.m. By the time 7:05 p.m. passes, half the place is empty.

Since more than half of them commute to work by bicycle or on foot, one would expect them to linger at the office and chat, but on the contrary, they go home so quickly that it is almost graceful.

And before 7:30 p.m., no one will be there.

Sometimes there are people doing something until before 8pm, but it is hard because one person has to check all the doors from the 4th floor to the basement 1F.

Therefore, it is better to leave together when everyone is about to leave, so the atmosphere becomes one of going home early.

Overtime has been prohibited since the company was first established, and this has not changed even now that the number of employees has increased and there is much more work to be done.

I think that is our style.


After graduation, who will pay for the cost of education?

In Japan, everyone has access to education until they finish school.

But who, one wonders, is bearing the cost of educating students to live successfully in society after they graduate from school?

Is it a company or an individual?

Recent global survey reports indicate that companies say they lack the human resources they want, while students are unable to find jobs in the companies and occupations they want, which suggests something of a wide gulf.

I guess the bottom line is whether companies or individuals should bear the cost of education to become the human resources that companies are looking for.

Our hypothesis has always been that if the current cost of education were cut in half or even by 1/3, companies and individuals would be more willing to bear the burden.

We believe that one of the roots of the problem of accepting an ever-increasing number of refugees into Europe is tied to how well they are educated in language and job skills.

We need to examine all aspects of the investment activity of education, which will become even more important in the future.

August 21, 2017

Strategic skin in the game, feeling the organization and moving on their own.

I wrote this with difficulty because I wanted to give it the enigmatic title of "strategic skin feeling," but...,

I think it would be strong if all members understood where the company is attacking and where it is not attacking, what it should do, and how it should respond and move if there is a change.

I feel that this is something that can only be nurtured if each person thinks about what the theme should be and what they should try on a daily basis, and if they do not have the soil to make mistakes and accept them.

Do that! Do this! is very effective in the short term, but in situations where the conventional rules don't apply, it becomes a bit of a rush and you get stuck.


No focus, speed

In terms of the fundamentals of business strategy, the principle is that you can win the competition by focusing on something and digging into it, which gives you a sense of speed, and by breaking through to a single point.

However, it is not well explained why focusing on one point is really the reason for speed and competitiveness.

I sometimes think that by focusing on one point, we run the risk of stopping to think, and that by focusing on one point, the greatest damage will be done when the field we are fighting on is shifted.

I think it would be nice if we could get a good sense of speed without having to set a focus.

July 28, 2017

Riding on Uncertainty.

It would be a bit of a relief to make a plan exactly two weeks from today, but that would be close to ruling out any happenings or opportunities that might occur within the last two weeks.

If the environment is one of high certainty, it will work; if it is one of high uncertainty, it is a major risk.

Similarly, I suddenly wonder how much risk is involved in making a business plan "now" for a year in the future.

If uncertainty is synonymous with unpredictability, it is important to develop a methodology that dares not be predictable.