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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

December 18, 2023

Only a finite number of jobs can be done.

Sometimes people want to dramatically increase the speed of their work, and I talk to them and say, "Well, what would you do if you doubled your current speed?

Some people simply say, "I'll do twice as much," while others say, "I'll do what I want to do with the time I have left," or "I'll study for a new skill."

If so, I would ask, "What if, surprise, it quadruples?

If we could quadruple it, it would compress the current work time to 25%, which would seem almost like another dimension.

I know that sounds very idealistic, but I have a feeling that sooner or later my workload will more than quadruple the next time around.

as a matter of possibility

The possibility that the work you finished faster will come back earlier than you gave it to someone else.


Possibility that one job after another will be handed to you because that person is good at his/her job.


The possibility that people around you will copy the way you do things, and the company's overall workload will increase.

In other words, it can be hypothesized that an increase in work speed leads to a further increase in workload.

I speed up again and the same thing repeats itself.

If so, we reach a point where the workload always seems infinite, regardless of how fast or slow the speed is.

While personal time and health are finite, the company's workload constantly seems endless.

I find myself worrying only about every deadline and achievement.

Where does that thinking lead?

If it is unclear, it is unreasonable.

So, in fact, I think the issue is not to be discouraged by my lack of speed, but rather, "What should I do if I can only do a finite amount of work and cannot increase my speed beyond what I am doing now?

December 11, 2023

Grind the roasted beans with a grinder.

When I arrive at the office, the first thing I see is green coffee beans being roasted.

The crackling sound from the kitchen in the back of the house and the savory smell of cacao being ground in a mortar and pestle.

In the past, roasting was done awkwardly with a metal basket net, but now an automatic roasting machine does it without hesitation.

We were almost out of green beans, so I ordered Brazilian Espresso Lady, Indonesian Mandarin Gran Reina, and the original Christmas blend.

As usual, I placed my order with a single click, imagining that it would be a long, long way before it arrived.

After being dried in the strong tropical sun and stuffed into sturdy jute bags, the red berries, called coffee cherries, are carefully picked and packaged in sachets, gram by gram, for months on end on a container shipping service, until they finally arrive at the right place at the right time and date. The bags arrive at the right place at the right time and date.

It is like walking a tightrope on one long, thin rope with each person's visible reality.

I stepped back to say that these are the times we live in, and I remembered what I had to do when I was grilling the beans I roasted a week ago and making coffee for everyone.

There's going to be a specialty coffee shop nearby, so we need to say hello to them as soon as possible.

That's true, and I also had to deliver next year's calendars to the cake shop, Chinese restaurant, florist, tofu shop, lawyer, landlord, and dentist who have always been so kind to me.

When you think about it, what really matters is always limited.

Because IT companies tend to dream of being far away, it is very important to work with colleagues in the local area of Shakujii.

December 04, 2023

know good and evil on the surface of a moving river

After publishing a long interview on management, I was asked, "What's the difference between strategy, goals, ambitions, vision, and mission?" I was asked the question, so I gave it some thought.

I found a text that has a similar feel to a recently released book, so I will quote it.

The Essentials of Strategy
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Strategy formulation is more than just decision-making.

In the case of decision-making, a list of possible courses of action is listed in advance, and it is assumed that one chooses among them, but this is not the case when formulating a strategy.

The first step is to identify the issue.

Also, strategy development is different from goal setting.

Strategy begins with the challenges that an organization faces, and it is abysmal to set goals as the final destination first.


Never start with a goal, i.e., goal setting.

Starting with an understanding of what the problem is now and identifying the key points that will determine success or failure is the royal road to strategy formulation.
The key to strategy formulation is to understand what the problem is now and to identify the points that will determine success or failure.

Personally, I believe that we should pay little attention to goals, ambitions, aspirations, visions, and missions, and concentrate only on how the strategy should be.

Because we expect other elements to be strung together in a string of beads in the strategy.

So what should the strategy be?

It may sound like a Zen question and answer, but it is as if we know ourselves well as we change from moment to moment on the surface of a moving river.

November 27, 2023

What will your future self tell you?

I used to be in planning, so I find myself thinking about the future.

The future is not an extension of today's image of the future, but rather today's us as seen from some point in the future.

To put it plainly, "What would you say to yourself today if you were 10 years older?

In 10 years, your eyes may be dizzy, your back may ache, your children may have left the nest, you may be taking care of your parents, the countryside may be deserted, you may have much more knowledge to search for, the pension age may have increased, procuring food may have become more difficult, events may have shaken society, the company organization may have changed, and the people you work with may be different. organization may have changed, and the people you work with may be different.

I wondered what my future self would say after going through them.

A tip is to think about what advice you would have given to yourself 10 years ago.

Ten years ago, before we moved to our current office, one year after launching our main service, with 1/3 of the current members, no track record, no know-how, no Corona disaster, no inflation.

I will probably tell you only three things to suppress my desire to say this and that.

It's OK if we do what we believe in, be flexible and move with a high level of individual skill and teamwork, as many things are unpredictable.

Now, what will I tell our current selves 10 years from now?

November 20, 2023

Mogic Winter

With about 40 days left in the year, the cleaning has begun at the company.

In terms of business days, it is about 28 days.

When we talked about what we had left to do, there was a mountain of it.

But that's OK.

Rather, we decided to narrow the focus and accomplish one or two things.

A calendar to be handed out at the end of the year and a New Year's greeting card application to be delivered at the beginning of the year.

Mogic's winter tradition, the Two Hells project, has reached its climax.

I hope these months of anguish will be a good memory for you.

For those of you who don't know, here are some of our past projects.

[Calendar 2023]
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Calendar 2021】

New Year's greeting card application 2023】
New Year's greeting app 2022】 /a/13623
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November 13, 2023

The first ground freeze

There are only two rooster fairs this year, on November 11 and 23, both holidays, so I took a chance and went on the first day.

As in previous years, we dedicate our old money, express our gratitude to God, and go to buy new rakes.

Looking at the stalls with so many rakes lined up, I thought I heard "it must be the middle of the top," so this year I decided on the biggest rake.

While I was deeply moved by the fact that 10 years ago the rake was the size of my palm, the rake that was lowered into my hand was oversized, more than my height.

Astonished by its sheer size and weight, I managed to carry it back to the office, hobbling around in the cold.

And so now, with everyone working together, we were able to decorate it safely.

When next year arrives, it will be 15 years since the company was founded.

We will keep our spirits up and all the members will work even harder to achieve our goals.

November 06, 2023

People who find Mogic interesting.

This is finally the fourth in a series of representative long interviews, and we finally get to talk about management.

Since it is still a long way from public release, I will excerpt a portion of it.

- What is the best part of running a company?

Yamane: To put it very simply, a company is a place where you can gather people you don't know.

That is the best part.

In a company, if you say, "Gather interesting people," they will gather! But if you ask interesting people to get together on their days off, they won't! but if you say, "Let's get together on your day off!

So the company is in part a great cause to gather people to have fun with.

Although the company has its own reasons and timing, Mogic is always looking for people who can make things interesting.

[To be added at a later date] Click here for the rest of the interview article.
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October 30, 2023

The company takes care seriously

There is talk of a 2025 problem.

The postwar baby boomer generation will be 75 years old or older in 2025, and social challenges are expected to increase.

What I feel close to home is how to "care" for someone helping someone else.

Even if they don't, today they have to be independent and active as an adult, and they have to take on the responsibility for whatever the consequences are.

Of course, there is so much to do that there should be no time to think about anything but yourself.

Even if you can hold your own if things are going well, a slight snag will cause the problems you have been suppressing to overflow.

I thought it would be better to balance society's ability to provide a little more extra care, so I'll start with a quote from the text on self-care through cooking.

Cooking for Yourself
h ttps://

This is because when we are children, we are often in the position of being cared for by our parents, who prepare our meals, listen to us when we seem down, and so on.

After spending energy at school or cram school, they will regain it by eating at home and having someone listen to them.

As adults, however, they leave their parents' homes and earn their own living.

That is, the child's caretaker, which had previously been the parent's responsibility, is now taken over by the child himself or herself.

I believe that to be an adult is to become one's own caretaker.

If they are hungry, give them something nutritious to eat, and at night, give them a bath to refresh them and put them to sleep comfortably.

Whether it is going out for a nice meal or decorating flowers, it is part of taking care of yourself.

As adults, we no longer have caretakers to take care of us on a daily basis, and if we skip taking care of ourselves, we are more likely to lose our minds.

Ever since I started Mogic, I had always wanted to make sure that I didn't want my company to be limp and tired.

I had my doubts about the common cycle of "exhausted in the office and recovering in my private life.

Then I thought about what would be best and came up with the idea of "healing at work and enjoying my private life.

This leaves the possibility that "even if your personal life becomes difficult, you can be healed at work.

It may be reckless idealism, but if you keep trying, you can make it work.

We thought that not only the working hours are appropriate, but also the whole team can take on the work, follow up with people-to-people connections, and naturally recharge their energy if the work contributes to the future of society.

It is time for the company to seriously consider all kinds of care before the year 2025.