Mogic is a thinker.

With a combination of a small number of people + software + servers and robots
We are moving forward with a new era of company management.
I hope to share some of that process with you in this section.

Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

December 06, 2021

For them to shape the future.

I first decided to start a business when I was 25 years old, after graduating from graduate school, where I had taken a leave of absence.

I had never liked business before, mostly art and other academic places, so I didn't think I could create a company right away and decided to train in practice.

After working for a publishing company that was insolvent, an IT infrastructure company in its second year of existence, and one of the largest IT services companies, I felt I knew how to take my company and create Mogic.

By that time, I had experience investing in startups, knew venture capital VCs and angels, and had many friends who had started their own businesses, so I knew there was a variation in funding.

But we did not want it that way.

He is over 30 years old, alone, with his own capital, no office, no work from his previous company, and no simultaneous side hustle to get started.

When I first came up with the idea of starting a business, my motivation was "I want to think as I like and create one thing at a time with my own hands, without any restrictions or ties," so you could say that this was my original intention.

Many people were skeptical and worried, but 12 years passed in the blink of an eye.

Looking back, ever since I entered the workforce, I have been able to appeal to what I want to do, find what I love, and have fun doing it.

I feel now that the first feeling is important, that it is important to carry through, and that it is important to have friends who are interesting with you.

Recently I suddenly had another opportunity to talk with a university student who is struggling again.

I hope that something will be of some help to them as they forge their future.

November 29, 2021

Limited and limited

Events often encountered in the Corona disaster include price spikes and service interruptions due to supply shortages.

At first we ran out of masks and disinfectant, and then the hospital beds were overwhelmed and there were fewer openings for people to change jobs.

Recently, gasoline prices have risen, rental properties in Nerima are running out of space, and the items we had ordered from China are not being delivered.

I thought that what was commonplace before Corona was supported by an invisible "abundance".

At the same time, they must have realized that there is a limit to the amount of carbon dioxide they can emit and never thought that they would no longer be able to catch fish in Japan, which is supported by abundant fishery resources.

After Corona, will everything aim for abundance again? I think not.

The idea of replacing the former abundance with "limited and limited" was the next necessary step, and the past few years may have been the beginning of this process.

November 22, 2021

Desperate desire pushes forward

I was watching a documentary program on the Chopin Competition and was really curious about something, so I did a little research and found an interesting article, which I will quote first.


The ease of access to the performances of great musicians is a great temptation for young performers to make a quick buck in order to gain public acceptance.

To get to the heart of the matter, instead of extensively exploring the composer's life and works, he tries to use interpretations that already exist.

So you think you can use shortcuts to achieve success.

This Desperate Desire to win applause in a short period of time makes many young interpreters average, predictable, and standard.

The performance has no personality and does not linger long in the memory or touch the emotions.

I call this second-hand interpretation.

Truly sensitive and musically interested artists avoid listening to other people's recordings and seek inspiration in what the composer has written and in their own emotional and mental responses that arise from it.

omission (of middle part of a text)

A small portion of individuality is inborn.

Life experience allows everyone to develop their individuality, but it can also be further developed by absorbing the experiences of other great artists, reading books, visiting museums, and watching good movies.

Many young people are so busy trying to "perfect" their playing that they forget that it is only a physical component of their art.

We don't have time to devote to the spiritual part. This is why we resort to imitating other recordings. ......


What I was wondering was how we could evaluate output on a subject where sensitivity is so important.

Another article also said that they are evaluated comprehensively on the basis of interpretation, composition, imagination, and expression.

To begin with, the theme is limited to building a performance using only Chopin's music.

If we drop the current artificial intelligence AI here, it will play the best one based on the analysis of each judge's preference, the composition of previously evaluated pieces, and the performance method.

How would that be evaluated? If you ask me if I would like to hear it, I personally am not very interested.

Is it because I'm not used to it or because I think I'm missing something?

I believe this is an important part of creating services and products.

November 15, 2021

Sexual misconduct and the audit zanpatsu

Over the past few years, Mogic's operations have grown even more, with more things to use and more to do.

With that, I suspected that the efforts of the directors alone to check the company were reaching their limits.

So a year ago, I gathered some people within the company and started a risk audit committee.

We meet about once a month to identify possible risks and create a policy to deal with them.

Only then do we switch our stance to a sexist view, and discuss what kind of mechanism is best to prevent the creation of devious feelings, should they arise.

I believe this is how many systems, tools, and work flows have set and improved the level of information management.

But for some reason I felt that was not enough, so this year I decided to have an outside audit done by an accounting or law firm.

What we found as a result was that there was a lack of attention to things that were largely contained but in small proportions (a few percent of the total in terms of cost).

Although the percentage is small, someone should check it out because we do not know what kind of chain of events the risks that occur there are.

In this way, a flow was created to systematically check even the smallest expenses.

Steady maintenance is essential for everyone to enjoy doing this.

November 09, 2021

Office and Field Workers

Mogic has a department called Basic Education that specializes in in-house education.

As the name "basic" suggests, we help build basic fitness.

We support newcomers, from part-timers and interns to new hires, who are unfamiliar with IT-related work and thinking for themselves.

Since each person is unique and has a different background and situation, we start with interviews, participant observation, and situation analysis.

Then, as the issues are gradually identified, we will offer a combination of workshops and group work that has worked well in the past.

Sometimes we develop entirely new methods.

In the past, there was a group work training program called coffee roasting and pastry making.

The only thing to be careful of is proper involvement, which should not be too one-sided or too frequent.

I just support Mogic from time to time so that I can work in my own way in the field of Mogic.

We have set up a separate department that has no vested interest in the project because we think that an in-house educator might be too sympathetic to the project and that a human resources department might be too tied to the evaluation.

I have been talking to the Basic Education staff every week for over two years now, and strangely enough, the discussions never end.

November 01, 2021

The joy of starting with a clean slate

Three of our subsidiaries have decided on new offices in Kamishakujii, and I am helping them with various tasks.

Similar to the Shakujii Koen office, it has designer specifications and a spacious terrace, and now you can see the white Mt.

There is no greenery as expected since it is on the 6th floor, but we plan to present many plants for the floor.

Everything from refrigerators to vacuum cleaners, desks and chairs, pans and forks must be provided.

I remember when we opened our first office as Mogic a long time ago.

It is really fun to start with a clean slate and build it up to be our own.

October 25, 2021

No expectations, expectations

Expected value is a probability term, and the definition from Wiki is difficult to understand: "a weighted average of all the values of a random variable with their probability weights.

Roughly speaking, it is a prediction that after a few times, the answer will converge to this kind of answer.

We often use this term because running a company is similar to making arrangements for the future.

Recently, Mogic has become more organized and decentralized in terms of authority, so that the rank and file handles many things related to money and resources.

It is easy to calculate expectations for costs that have been incurred in the past or costs that other companies might be using.

The most difficult question, however, is how to invest in something that has never cost anything before and has never been heard of elsewhere.

There is no way to calculate the expected value because there is no historical data.

A similar statement can be found in the rest of the Wiki definition.

Expectations make sense only when similar events occur relatively evenly. The concept of expected value does not fit in cases where events with very extreme values can occur very rarely. For example, in the case of "insurance" and "lottery tickets," the expected value is negative because the chance of obtaining a large sum of insurance money or winning a lottery is very rare, but it is not appropriate to judge that buying insurance or purchasing a lottery ticket is meaningless because of this fact.

It is in such cases that "anticipation" is introduced.

It is such a criterion to see who is excited about this investment and how it makes them look bright and happy to talk about it.

We do formulate it a bit because it is hard to use if it is too vague, but we still look at the faces of the people we talk to at the end of the day.

It is strange because it is the ones where the expectations are unpredictable that everyone seems to enjoy.

October 19, 2021

Separation of capital and management

One theme that must surely be considered at some point in a stock company is the "separation of capital and management.

I wrote "someday" because even if the person who provided the capital continues to run the business, it will need to be reorganized when he or she retires.

You may start a company with your own money (capital and management are the same), and when it gets off the ground, you may entrust the presidency to someone else, or you may go public and have an unspecified number of people own shares.

When capital and management are integrated, it is easy to imagine people working.

This is because the CEO is not the only one who is somewhere far away, usually working with the employees.

However, if the shareholders are unspecified, it does not matter who or how they work.

From someone else's perspective, transparency numbers and governance will be the first priority, so the atmosphere will probably be different than when they were integrated.

This is natural because the logic that binds organizations together changes.

This seems to be the norm in a joint stock company, but I wondered what it would be like to replace it with a family.

Usually, all the money earned by the father and mother is the family's capital, and how it is spent is management.

However, what if more than half of the family capital is invested by someone unspecified?

When you spend money, you feel "something hard to spend".

If it is overspent and returns are low, the father or mother role may be dismissed and someone else sent in.

Every three months a goal is set, and failure to meet it requires an explanation and may result in the family's departure.

When you think about it in that way, you are reminded that "shifting rights (roles) by capital ratio" is an invention that we do not think about in our daily lives.