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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

September 11, 2023

Two hundred and twenty days have passed

As the admonition to watch out for typhoons for 220 days counting from Risshun (the first day of spring), typhoons came with a vengeance.

Perhaps it is because I have spent Chou-you-no-Sekku without seeing chrysanthemums, but I started preparing for the far-off shore early.

Once we take a break from the cool mornings and evenings, Halloween will be here in no time.

Yes, you may say I am getting ahead of myself, but the end of the year is in sight.

The annual New Year's calendar project, New Year's greeting card project, and New Year's greeting app project are all on fire.

September 04, 2023

Essay addressed to myself

I rarely make plans, but I just keep track of them.

The list of what I have been doing each month since starting the business is the longest, and the rest is facts for each event that occurred.

What was lucky, what got me into trouble, what went unexpectedly well, what unexpectedly went wrong, what I gathered materials and made decisions, what I talked about and realized, what was trial and error in service, what members were struggling with, what my assumptions were blind spots.

If you look at the records every three months or so, you will have an essay vaguely addressed to yourself.

Connecting events, creating diagrams, adding explanations, and layering stories.

When the stories unexpectedly resonate with you, you will feel freshly inspired, as if you are reading an epic poem that has been passed down through the ages.

August 28, 2023

Learn and draw a spiral

The eLearning LearnO logo features a snail.

The image of slow and steady progress and a little bit charming seemed to match the new online learning system, and was adopted.

For this 10th anniversary rebranding, we are reworking the logo, making it a little more three-dimensional and adding depth.

It is so obvious if you look closely, but there is a hidden and important thought there.

I quote from a snail research history that happened to have some similar nuances.

The Singing Snail
h ttps://

History and snails are very similar.

Both repeat and spiral.

Whether it was tragedy or comedy, Roman historians and Marx agreed that history repeats itself, and what Hegel, Francis Bacon, and Nostradamus had in common was that history seemed to them to be a spiral staircase.

The growing snail shell, on the other hand, has to make a full turn, adding a new calcium carbonate shell on top of the current shell, and then go all the way around the back before returning, in order to reach the position where its future head is - literally right under its nose.

This is repeated many times to form a spiral shell.

I believe that the message of going far, far in circles to reach one higher self is very hopeful for those who are serious about learning.

August 21, 2023

My First Retirement

Today, for the first time, I saw off someone who had reached retirement age.

We have worked together for about 10 years now.

I could go on and on about such-and-such a time or such-and-such a thing I did.

He was a very beloved person, so everyone naturally gathered around, wiped their cheeks at his little backside with his many gifts, and waved at him until he finished a brisk ride up a gentle slope on his rain-shielded bicycle.

It wasn't so much work as play.
I made friends with people as old as my grandchildren.
I started playing games on the Switch after I joined the company, and I taught my sister how to play.

I will never forget the carefree, smiling profile.

What makes me happy about starting a company is when I meet people I don't know and when memories are painstakingly spun one by one.

We will weave today's gratitude into the fabric of our lives and walk again with new people.

August 17, 2023

I don't set goals for the organization.

An acquaintance I met during the Bon Festival laughed at me and said, "You still haven't set goals at your company?" I decided to think about it again.

It is true that we have never set company-wide or departmental goals since the company was founded.

The reason is simple.

It was my policy to do my best today, I'm not sure about tomorrow, and yesterday was yesterday.

To put it bluntly, organizational goals are hard to set and confirm.

First, the current status of the organization is to be determined.

Next, consider the future vision of the organization you want to reach.

Roughly speaking, let's take the difference between the future vision and the current situation.

Extract only those differences that are feasible.

Then, the feasible items are butchered in a set period of time.

To be sure, check to see if there is linkage between the goals of the organizations.

The finishing touch is to properly document the feasibility that has been cut out.

Overnight, he shows the text to the head of one of the departments.

Naturally, they look a little uncomfortable because it's a stretch goal.

I laugh and tell them to keep up the good work.

will be done to all department heads.

Each responsible person will inform his/her members.

However, somewhere there is a gap or a lack of understanding.

To prevent this, we hold regular plenary meetings to say the same thing.

And so a few months pass, and I have to set another goal.

Speaking of which, we need to scrutinize our accomplishments against our current goals.

Everyone has a different interpretation of achievement that needs to be corrected.

Then let's set an example by awarding exemplary people.

Then let's format how to create goals.

After a while, he inadvertently comes up with a new business idea and changes course halfway through his goal.

Both the person in charge and the members were disappointed that they had gone to all this trouble.

Even so, think with a company-wide mindset, and gather the responsible people together for a training camp.

Then, they will be disciplined to face opinions and mend to scoop up all of them.

Now, I'm anxious to see if it will shine, despite the time and effort put into the goal.


At some point, they become afraid to stop the goal system.

Therefore, we have not set a goal for the organization.

Well, to be more honest, I have not liked setting goals or achieving them for a long time.

August 07, 2023

Era of Speed, Era of Maturity

The rebranding project for the LearnO e-learning system will soon come to an end.

I started in 2020, before the Corona disaster, and it has been three years now.

Do you see this as long or short?

For us, the rhythm was just right.

We discuss the details of the project, build it up tightly, and conduct a series of detailed tests.

The amount of work alone takes a lot of time, as it should.

Above all, the team needed time to mature to another level.

I found a suitable expression for this in relation to machine learning, and I quote

The "Tricks" of Socializing Solved by Dr.
h ttps://

There are always a number of possible paths to take, so it is no wonder that we are not quite sure which is the shortest path to our goal.

Fortunately, machine learning is useful here as well.


To answer this problem, an algorithm called "gradient descent" is used in machine learning.

This is the method used when trying to optimize a process and minimize its cost function (error).


The gradient descent method teaches us to identify paths experimentally.

The way to do this is through trial and error, constantly reevaluating the environment and adapting to changes, and not being afraid to turn back.

And the last important lesson is not about the direction of the steps, but about their length.

This is the issue known as "learning speed.

To obtain results with the highest precision, the algorithm should be made to have correspondingly shorter steps, to move forward gradually, and to slowly build up its findings.

On the other hand, if the learning speed is faster, it arrives at the bottom of the valley faster, but the accuracy of the steps is coarse, so it may simply step over the lowest point.

In other words, fine-tuning the learning rate to get the best results as quickly as possible, one of the biggest challenges of the gradient descent method.

In the early days of IT services, everyone was chasing speed.

To be precise, the timing was good, so if we could speed up the process, we were able to meet the times, even if we had to put quality aside.

Now, however, everywhere you look, the landscape has become completely mature.

Perhaps we have shifted to a world where speed alone is not enough.

If that perception was correct, the answer was that we would just wait for the team to mature.

Behind the scenes of the rebranding from the birth of LearnO
h ttps://

July 31, 2023

The important thing is to be slow and steady.

We have a lot of work to do." Resources are tight. We need to hire people."

When I am busy, I often hear these voices.

However, as you are familiar with, hiring does not easily increase resources or make things easier.

I can think of several reasons.

It takes more than six months for a new person to get used to it and move around well.

Because it's a busy site and I don't have enough spare time to teach the people who come in.

Because they make mistakes on their own without being taught, and then they stop.

Because as the number of people increases, the cost of communalization will in turn double.

If you're in a hurry, you're going to be lax in your hiring criteria.

Instead of getting any easier, the signs are not so good.

Perhaps because it is not a cause and effect of things to do / resources = time to accomplish.

So I stop for a moment and try to regulate my breathing, which has been disturbed by my haste.

Looking out the window

breathe heavily (e.g. with much movement of the shoulders)

Breathe in with a sigh

Also, fouh.

When is it really ideal to hire and for what motives?

Under what circumstances should the person being hired be welcomed?

After hiring, what happens afterwards to make it an ideal team?

After inhaling, I thought, well, maybe I should have asked this first.

There is no better way to think about what is important than to think about it loosely.

July 24, 2023

They, they, they who flapped their wings

Using a service called Caiwani, created by a subsidiary, we are now able to communicate with internship graduates.

Caiwani https://caiwani .net/

Originally, Mogic had its own topic posting service linked to its internal chat, and Caiwani was created in reference to this service.

Chat is convenient for instant messaging, but its weakness is that it flows too fast, making it impossible to track past history.

So, in conjunction with the chat, we were able to accumulate topics by theme, which led to loose education.

For the first time, we are trying to share information virtually with Mogic's graduating intern alumni and current employees/interns.

I have no idea what kind of information would be appreciated by someone I haven't seen in six months to a few years.

For starters, I put up a list of books I buy at Mogic each week and write a Q&A session from a current intern.

We are thinking of their future as they flap their wings through trial and error.