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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

July 11, 2022

between seriousness and fidelity

There is a general procedure for creating a system in IT.

Like requirements specification, requirements definition, user interface design, database design, screen wire production, infrastructure construction, HTML mockups, coding, screen embedded development, and unit testing.

It is a very natural process, no doubt about it.

Personally, I think this alone would be boring, so I would include a part called "staging".

Likewise, there are common ways to work with the company.

Documentation, meetings, minutes, reporting/communicating/consulting, scheduling, task lists, goal setting and progress tracking, communication, risk management, leadership and followership, and so on.

It could be done as is, but it will be reassembled in the name of staging as well.

So what is direction? So to put it into words, it is defined as "It doesn't make sense from an efficiency point of view, but it makes everyone feel happy, so it's okay.

Mogic has a word for the condition, and it is called "goofing around" as between seriousness and fudginess.

When you first join a company, you are too serious, then as you get used to it, you become too serious, and after a year or so, you naturally become a good goofball, so I guess it's a cultural thing.