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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

July 03, 2014

Division of labor and communication issues

Communication is not necessary if the work can be completed by one person.

However, communication is essential for two or more people to work together.

The question is: Is communication only about conveying information? Is it enough to communicate information?

One of the ideals is to be able to activate the other person's brain at the same time as conveying information.

I am quoting from a sentence about productivity that was mentioned by Lifenet that I thought was exactly the same thing.

A long time ago, I attended a lecture by a Swedish scholar on improving labor productivity, and he exclaimed that the only way to improve labor productivity is through the cerebral activity of employees, and that the only requirements for the cerebral activity to be lively are (1) fun and excitement, (2) facing a completely different organization or culture, such as M&A, and being surprised (stimulated), and (3) concentrated work in a short period of time. (2) to be surprised (stimulated) when faced with a completely different organization or culture, such as M&A, and (3) to concentrate on work in a short period of time," he exclaimed.

This was over 20 years ago now.

In a "company," a place where many people work at the same time, if communication itself can be designed to be "(1) fun and exciting, (2) surprising (stimulating) in the face of a completely different organization and culture, as in M&A, and (3) focused on work in a short period of time," it will semi-automatically improve productivity. We are testing daily the hypothesis that this will lead to an improvement in productivity.