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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

August 30, 2021

You don't know yourself best.

I was interested in statistical data on the body, so I looked into immunology and bacteria, which seemed to have a large amount of data.

Then, as I read the papers and books, it seems that only 40% of the intestinal flora and about 20% of the oral cavity is known to begin with, and I am sure that completely new findings will emerge in the future due to its compatibility with computer analysis.

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Thus, as the study of the gut progressed in the 20th century, it came to be said that the gut is a second brain.

The power of human thinking does not reside only in the brain; the intestines were also important organs with the power to think.

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Then, in the 21st century, "molecular biological methods" were applied to the study of intestinal bacteria.

By "molecular biological methods," I mean, in essence, DNA analysis. In other words, genetic analysis of intestinal bacteria is now possible.

As a result, it has become possible to identify the types of intestinal bacteria in poop in great detail, and it has been considered that there are at least 500 species in the intestines these days, perhaps as many as 1,000.

This is exactly what I mean when I say that I don't know myself best. I would like to accumulate and analyze data on "changes in thinking" someday.

August 23, 2021

Outside the box

There is an English expression, Outside the box (let's use our imagination).

I am not a native speaker, so I am not sure of the exact nuance, but I find it an interesting expression and am open to interpretation.

When someone says, "I'm bored. When someone says, "I'm bored... I'm looking for something interesting to do," they are probably already in the box.

Looking around from inside the box, there are walls all over, above, below, to the right and left.

And because the walls are always familiar, I am also bored with them.

Because we cannot see beyond the walls, our thinking never extends outside the box.

But what if there were magic glasses that allowed you to see outside the walls?

In fact, you may find that the sea is spreading.

Then you could make a magic fishing rod and slip a line outside the box.

If we can't create a magic fishing pole, we can still have hope beyond the wall.

If we can Outside the box in such a way, "new meaning" will be born, and it will become a vitality for life.

The wall here is just one example, and the wall itself can be replaced by "future", "self", "partner", etc.

Boxes appear here and there in everyday life, so it would be nice to be able to see through them a little bit.

August 17, 2021

Obon vacation and a rare look back

I rarely look back on past events, but since it was the Bon vacation, I was unusually looking back at the events that have taken place since the company was established.

There are about 12 years worth of logs, so it took me about an hour just to look at them.

My impression after reading the book is that there were many more accidents, troubles and shocks than I expected.

If we include those that are not recorded, the number is likely to be quite large, so there is never a time when management is completely uneventful.

Even if nothing happens today, something could suddenly become a problem tomorrow.

However, I believe that I have been able to make it to this day because I have had more joys and happinesses than shocks, so it is important to accumulate the years properly first.

And strangely enough, there are many things that happened to me that were shocking at the time, but in hindsight seem like good things.

Of course, the opposite is also true: I enjoyed it when I started, but I had to stop halfway through because it became too painful.

I'm going to look back on it during the occasional long vacation, as I don't seem to understand the overall implications until about three years have passed.

August 10, 2021

Inconvenience likely to be created in 5 or 10 years

Recently, I have often been asked for advice on starting up a business, so I was thinking back to the time when I created Mogic.

I think it would definitely be easier now as an environment to start a business.

At that time, there were no shared offices, no coworking spaces, no crowdsourcing, no crowdfunding, no back-office crowd tools.

Of course, there were no blogs or communities for entrepreneurship as there are now.

Strangely enough, however, it is not as if it is easier to develop a business now that the environment is more conducive.

After all, "solving inconvenience and dissatisfaction" is at the core of business, so it can be said that the convenient environment has already been solved.

And if people are aiming for the same field, they will be competing with the same increased speed.

If you were to start a new business in this more convenient environment, what would you do?

As in the past, I feel that we can only anticipate the inconveniences and discontents that may arise in the next 5 or 10 years due to our convenient environment.


Products are released, services are nurtured.

Mogic has a project called MicroTech, in which young people release a small product every six months or so.

Right now we are struggling to come up with something perfect for the summer holidays. In the process of trial and error, we came to the conclusion that products and services are different.

Mogic defines a product as something that reaches its peak in about one month after release, and a service as something that continues to grow from the time of release.

Since the preparation time and thinking time are completely different, we decide from the beginning that we will release this as a product and that we will create this as a service.

Products are created starting from a single idea or technology, and since you only need to look at it from one perspective, it's relatively easy to create.

In the case of a service, we examine the appropriateness from all perspectives, including the idea, technologies to be combined, design direction, market timing, other companies' movements, statistical data analysis, service scalability estimation, personnel hiring, team development, finance and cash flow, marketing and branding, etc. It is a painstaking process.

And if the timing is not right, even the best plan will eventually fail to grow, so we reject it.

Once a service is started, it is difficult to stop, so we must be brave and stop first.

Furthermore, the biggest challenge is how to develop the personnel to nurture the service.

It would be easier if we could just hire someone from the outside to create the service, but that is not possible.

In the end, I hope that while building a lot of our own products, we will be able to give them feedback and save our strength for the service we will provide someday.