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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

April 26, 2021

On the tide of change

The recruitment application tool that the engineers created for me was useful, so I looked at it a bit and noticed that we were interviewing at the rate of 500 people per year.

I am surprised myself that there are so many applications to this strange company in Ishigami .......

This is probably because most interviews are now online due to the Corona Disaster and we are able to meet more people.

Online interviews, online business meetings, online drinking parties, online school trips, online classes, online study abroad.

In just one year, the number of "online-style" things has increased.

Of course, compared to the past, this is still not enough, and we are restricted from seeing each other in person and going to the places we like.

However, 100 years ago, we would have been in a state of "no information or slow to receive even information," so I think we are a little better off.

As someone who uses IT technology for business, it gave me a chance to think about what I can do the next time something happens.

He said that in cases where the organizational structure to which people belong and the method of communication within the organization have not changed much in 100 years, the organization itself can creak and scream if the information channels are open and enormous.

It is as if the body, which has been resistant to starvation since time immemorial, has suddenly entered an age of satiation and developed new problems.

An organization can be said to be a collection of information, so if the way information flows, including outside the organization, changes, it is necessary to create an organization that adapts to these changes.

But the organization inherits something from the previous person in a vein, so inertia is stronger, and it will not be a tide of change unless it is sudden and unexpected.

So what should we do?

It is a very difficult issue and it is unlikely to be answered immediately, so I would like to have a thorough discussion with the members during calm and peaceful times.

April 19, 2021

It's blurry, but there you go.

As I waited for the green light at the intersection, I wondered if I would have gone back more than 30 seconds and slowed my bike down had I known I would have to stop at a red light before turning the corner.

If I had known I would have to wait, I would have rowed slower and not rushed.

A curve mirror would have given us some idea of what was ahead, but without a means of knowing future conditions, we optimize our actions with the information we have in the present.

If you are heading somewhere in the near future, if the machine knows the future status of your route, it seems to me that you can arrive at a green light all the way with an assist.

Eventually, the more shopping, cooking, cleaning, housekeeping, investing, side hustling, and video posting are predicted and optimized, the closer our lives become to the algorithm.

Smoothness increases as the best answer is selected from the vast number of branches anticipated in advance.

However, the algorithm is not a panacea, and will probably over-optimize for the current situation, which can be fatal if it is not updated when external conditions change.

It is like receiving an assist without knowing that the switching time between red and green lights has been changed.

So, while living a life made convenient by algorithms, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the foundations of the algorithms have changed.

It is also important to pay attention to whether the algorithm has been secretly changed to something malicious.

There are even times when someone's good may turn out to be your bad.

As I put my foot on the pedal again, I thought to myself that it is not necessary to live only at green lights, but it is also possible to stop at red lights from time to time.

April 12, 2021

As plants grow.

It is time to start replanting and pruning plants in the office.

I wander around looking at the plants, mumbling to myself how big they have become or how weak they may be, and carry them up to the rooftop.

As Golden Week approaches, we will have more sunny days, and working in short sleeves will be just fine if you are a little sweaty.

There is a store near Shakujii that carries rare plants and trees, so I tend to have plants that I don't see everyday.

Recently, there are many flowerpots with good textures, so if you are particular about what you buy, they end up costing more than the plants, which is not good.

Pampas grass has weakened this year.

The plant bears such large ears that it is commonly called "haunted silver grass.

Originally from South America, including Brazil and Argentina, it seems to have been introduced during the Meiji period (1868-1912) for ornamental purposes.

I bought it a few years ago because it looked interesting to have a large Miscanthus sinensis in my office, but since it loves sunlight, it gradually lost its vigor after being indoors all the time.

We decided to give it over to a room with a balcony to grow in search of light.

They will cut off the long, thin, dead leaves, check the rooting, and figure out how to adjust the soil.

So, as I work on various plants, I look back over the year's growth.

Of course, each room with plants is a natural place for members to grow.


From the Management Concerns Survey

Before I formed my company, I had seen surveys on entrepreneurship and management conducted by chambers of commerce and ministries.

A quick look at the company's three main problems: inability to attract new customers, inability to hire good people, and cash flow difficulties.

I thought that would be true, and also wondered why it all boils down to these three.

Can't hire good people because of cash flow difficulties?
Is your cash flow so low because you can't find new clients?
Is it because you don't have the right people and can't find new clients?

We will continue to deepen the information to make it more useful to us.

Assuming that you have three countermeasures to deal with A) inability to develop new customers, B) inability to hire good people, and C) cash flow difficulties, the lack of funds in C) is just a matter of not spending money for the time being, and the inability to hire good people in B) is just a matter of doing your best for the time being.

What remains is to A) develop new customers. The idea is that as long as we can manage this task, we can do something about it.

However, after all this time, I finally realized that I do not have a proper understanding of what a "new customer" is.

We use them because we don't know what they are more than words.

The word "new customer" is also from the seller's point of view, so I really need to imagine a better image of the person with whom I am signing a contract.

Then again, new challenges arise.

What is the expectation that makes you want to sign a contract?
What is normal satisfaction after signing a contract?
What is above-normal satisfaction?
Is it better if the above-normal satisfaction lasts forever? etc.

Running a company allows us to create our own agenda as much as we like, and that can be fun.