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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

April 14, 2020

Self-sufficient Salt Bae

One choice to make in life is how much to become more interlocked with society and nature.

In extreme cases, if you stay on a desert island and provide everything, there is little linkage with society and maximum linkage with nature.

In other words, the actions of others do not directly affect you (although they can indirectly affect your management in international law, air pollution, etc.), but they are greatly affected by wind, rain, plant growth, etc.

In addition, if you are making a living by distributing videos on Youtube, the linkage between other Youtubers, viewers, and advertisers has increased considerably.

For those living today, there are many things to be interlocked, and once chosen, it is not something that will work for life.

If you buy mutual funds, they will be strongly linked to the global economy in the form of the stock and bond markets, and if you live in Japan, you will be influenced by the guidelines of the Japanese government.

Choosing the freelance profession is not free, but is closely related to the amount of work that is ordered.

If you use your phone all day long, the impact on those who store data is inevitable.

On the other hand, there is also a way to intentionally lower it without being overly conscious of interlocking.

It is called self-sufficiency, and the idea is to increase what we can afford.

From an economic perspective, self-sufficiency is similar to a local economy, and high linkages are strongly associated with globalization.

In familiar terms, there is a difference between what we can do ourselves and what we can pay others to do for us.

It is not a bad idea to review what we can do ourselves, putting aside the linkages that continue to expand without our knowledge.