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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

March 18, 2020

A sense of buzz, I'm looking for it.

Due to the risk to coronavirus infection, some members of the team work remotely (from home).

About a month after we started remote work, I interviewed them about what they wanted most at the moment, and they said, as expected and unexpectedly, "I want a sense of buzz.

When we started remote work in the first place, we prepared ourselves on three axes.

The first is to improve the physical environment, the second is to redesign the workflow, and the third is to take care of mental health.

At that time, the members predicted what would happen after one month, and that was that the physical environment would be mostly cleared, but that some issues would remain in the workflow and mental health would tend to be depressed.

The results were an extension of my expectations, but I realized that I needed to think more delicately and intricately on the mental side.

It was not just that they were depressed because of uncertainty about the future, but in addition to a vague anxiety about the macro-economic situation and the overseas situation, I felt that they were beginning to lack and seek "something" that would help them grow while working comfortably.

Perhaps because of this, members who work remotely are naturally beginning to add their own style to the mix.

I dressed up in the morning and went to the computer in my kimono, made tai-meshi in an earthenware pot for lunch, and did some thinking while carrying a young child on my back.

However, that doesn't fill the gap, so I feel that it is vaguely expressed as "a sense of pomp and circumstance, seeking.

The sense of buzz seems to include a variety of meanings, such as wanting to watch and copy a bit of a senior colleague's work, eavesdropping on a discussion of a new project, showing off a bit of your own personal material, or participating a bit in a spur-of-the-moment cake-baking event.

It seems that the joy of working, food for growth, and hints for new ideas can be found in the ambiguity of this area, so I will discuss it some more.