Mogic thinks

With a combination of a small number of people + software + servers and robots.
We are promoting a new era of company management.
I hope to share some of the process in this section.

Representative Director Yoichi Yamane


A warning from the time thief and the gorilla

Lately I've been coming across a lot of stories about Michael Ende's "Momo".

I'm sure many of you have already gotten the idea from the title "Time Robber".

To quote from wikipedia without spoiling the peach...


In a city reminiscent of Rome, Italy, time is stolen from the people by a group of gray men who call themselves the "Time Savings Bank," and everyone's spare time disappears from their minds.

The story of the adventures of Momo, a girl with magical powers who listens to her friends, even when they are poor, and helps them regain their confidence.
The story of Momo.

In the midst of all this, I came across an interesting book that also mentions peaches, so I'll quote some of it here.

(Japanese only)
A warning from a gorilla: "There is something wrong with human society.

The idea is that time is a cost and can be converted into money.

However, as a result of saving time through the distribution of goods and the sophistication of information technology, the time we have taken for ourselves has become subject to the same kind of efficiency.

Think about how to spend your time efficiently in order to maximize the satisfaction of your needs.

Watch movies, watch sports, go shopping, and eat lavish meals. Think about how much of what you want to do is possible with the money you earn.

But it's the same idea as the time I saved, so it will never be fulfilled.

Not only that, but the more time you have to yourself, the more lonely you will become and the more time you will have.

This is because humans are not designed to spend time alone.

omission (of middle part of a text)

They have been living a life based on reciprocity, giving their time to their peers and receiving time from their peers.

Happiness is felt with friends, and trust is strengthened not by money or words, but by time spent together.

The world is now filled with much hostility, and the number of lonely people is increasing.

It was created by the economic concept of time.

Isn't it necessary to turn this time into social time and regain the time to connect life?

Like the gorillas, I believe that hostility can be resolved by time spent together.
As with the gorillas.

In the course of running Mogic, what we see as the most important issue is "the sense of fulfillment that people feel today.

If there is something in the company today that makes me forget about time, then I think I have passed the test.