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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

October 30, 2023

The company takes care seriously

There is talk of a 2025 problem.

The postwar baby boomer generation will be 75 years old or older in 2025, and social challenges are expected to increase.

What I feel close to home is how to "care" for someone helping someone else.

Even if they don't, today they have to be independent and active as an adult, and they have to take on the responsibility for whatever the consequences are.

Of course, there is so much to do that there should be no time to think about anything but yourself.

Even if you can hold your own if things are going well, a slight snag will cause the problems you have been suppressing to overflow.

I thought it would be better to balance society's ability to provide a little more extra care, so I'll start with a quote from the text on self-care through cooking.

Cooking for Yourself
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This is because when we are children, we are often in the position of being cared for by our parents, who prepare our meals, listen to us when we seem down, and so on.

After spending energy at school or cram school, they will regain it by eating at home and having someone listen to them.

As adults, however, they leave their parents' homes and earn their own living.

That is, the child's caretaker, which had previously been the parent's responsibility, is now taken over by the child himself or herself.

I believe that to be an adult is to become one's own caretaker.

If they are hungry, give them something nutritious to eat, and at night, give them a bath to refresh them and put them to sleep comfortably.

Whether it is going out for a nice meal or decorating flowers, it is part of taking care of yourself.

As adults, we no longer have caretakers to take care of us on a daily basis, and if we skip taking care of ourselves, we are more likely to lose our minds.

Ever since I started Mogic, I had always wanted to make sure that I didn't want my company to be limp and tired.

I had my doubts about the common cycle of "exhausted in the office and recovering in my private life.

Then I thought about what would be best and came up with the idea of "healing at work and enjoying my private life.

This leaves the possibility that "even if your personal life becomes difficult, you can be healed at work.

It may be reckless idealism, but if you keep trying, you can make it work.

We thought that not only the working hours are appropriate, but also the whole team can take on the work, follow up with people-to-people connections, and naturally recharge their energy if the work contributes to the future of society.

It is time for the company to seriously consider all kinds of care before the year 2025.

October 23, 2023

Company Operating System

Operating systems (OS) are familiar to us from Windows and Mac computers.

It is an image of the foundation that runs writing and calculation software.

Let's review the definition once again from Wiki.

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The operating system is usually located between the user or application program and the hardware, and provides a standard interface to the user or application program as well as efficient management for each resource such as hardware.

This is a bit long, but let me rephrase it in terms of "company".

The company's operating system sits between its employees and the products it offers and its offices, stores, machines, and equipment, providing a standard interface to them and efficient management for each resource, such as offices, stores, and machines.

Huh, I wonder if there was some sort of operating system in place to run the company.

It is a mechanism that automatically optimizes all resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, not through human intervention like management, not by connecting operations in a patchwork of applications, and not by checking on the team in meetings.

Probably the same mechanism that was most needed in the early days of the Corona disaster to quickly restore the collapsed supply-demand balance without the use of manpower.

I believe that the more diverse and complex the process of creating something is, the better it is to build such a foundation within the company, based on the theory of division of labor between humans and machines or robots.

October 16, 2023

Again, all those professions I didn't know about.

Soon the Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona will be completed, and we are making a small papercraft model of it, about 30 cm high, as a tribute.

Even the paper crafts are bolder and more intricate than others, so the thoughtful reverence of the actual stained glass windows and spires will stay with you long after you see them.

It was more than 20 years ago, in the slightly chilly, soft spring sunshine, when I looked up at the cranes carrying construction materials.

At the time, I thought it would be a long time before it was ready, but now I realize that it happened so fast that it is laughable.

I was just in the middle of traveling around Spain while sketching, and I was fantasizing that architecture would be my future career, but in the 21st century, I would like to do electronic architecture in a virtual space.

Of course, there were no such jobs back then, but today the IT industry has become a normal part of creating systems on the Internet.

The stories continue to lie, and again, after another 20 years or so, all the professions will be unknown to us again.

October 10, 2023

Repulsive, but still.

"I'm thinking of starting up a business like this, what do you think?"
I have an idea for a web service, can you help me?
I want to hire good people, how can I find them?

The question may be asked.

The answer is always the same in the end.

'Hmmm, we can think together, but I don't know.'

The first two are the following.

Because I have heard hundreds of stories in the past and was not always sure of the outcome.

However, I can tell if the person who speaks to me is likely to continue to be enthusiastic.

There are areas that the person is avoiding or choosing not to look at because of his or her heightened passion, and I deliberately ask about those areas.

If you are starting up a business, you might say, "After six months, the money I have set aside has run out. If it's not what you imagined, how will you make ends meet?"

If it's a new web service, you can say, "After six months, it's not even a whimper. How would you judge it if no one was looking at it?

If you were hiring, you might say, "I hired a good person, but what would you think if a year later he/she is not the same? But what would you think if a year later they are not the same?

And I am sorry to say that I am all watered down.

I believe that those who are willing to listen and work on it, while rebelling against it, will naturally continue to do so.

October 02, 2023

like a small boat longing to be rowed

There are many indicators that measure individual skills and organizational performance in business.

These range from the numerical, such as the amount of programming, speed of documentation, and accuracy of coding, to the qualitative, written, such as leadership that involves members, a sense of responsibility to complete the work, and a cooperative attitude to fit in with others.

If you then add up evaluations such as sales and cost reductions for each department, you get an overall picture of the company.

This is very common and commonplace.

There is little room for doubt.

Therefore, I dare to reconsider saying so.

In these days when the importance of teamwork and the sense of unity in an organization are being loudly voiced, I wondered how the interlocking of people with people and departments with departments is evaluated.

If one department is doing well and another is not, something seems wrong.

Comparing it to a supply chain, even if one department produces a large number of parts, if the next department that receives the parts does not handle them well, it is called a bottleneck.

Of course, if it is easier to standardize work, perhaps the transfer of tasks between departments could be incorporated into the evaluation.

They would check on the next step, and if there were no problems, they would proceed with the work in a routine manner.

But if we hope to create new value beyond human-to-human interlocking, standardization will be difficult.

Standardization, newness dwells outside the confines of its definition.

Reproducibility, it is established with something missing.

In other words, if we are to look forward to continuous innovation, we have to leave the continent of standardization and reproducibility like a small boat paddling impatiently to islands yet to be seen.