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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

May 18, 2020

Switch to a brush pen.

I used to learn calligraphy and penmanship for about 10 years, and now I switch to a brush pen and a calligraphy pen, and I write a few sentences in the mornings when I am on vacation.

I was not enthusiastic enough to get out the brush and inkstone, and I was bored with just crunching and writing with a pen, so I shifted it around a bit and settled on that style.

Why do you write by hand now when you use a computer all the time? I am sure you will say, "Why do you write by hand now when you are using a computer?

The time spent writing is pleasant, even though it is not as speedy or accurate as digital typing, and it gets old fast once and for all.

With the sound of the brush brushing against the surface, various thoughts come to mind and then disappear.

Where should I start writing to make my sentences fit? How should I balance the size of kanji and hiragana? Will it bleed at this speed?

This Kanji should be protruding like a rocky mountain, this Hiragana like flowing water, I might have failed in this area before.......

When I look at what I wrote later, I am somewhat embarrassed to see that it was badly jammed in the front or off-axis.

Perhaps because my own belief that I could write better is being knocked down.

Although it is the same writing, typing digitally and holding a brush seem to have distinctly different meanings.

I don't know which is better, but I think it is important to change hands and take a closer look.